Sweetwater County Detention Center Recognized by Emergency Medical Responders

Sweetwater County Detention Center Recognized by Emergency Medical Responders

SWEETWATER COUNTY– On Friday, Sweetwater County Sheriff Mike Lowell passed along a letter of commendation from Matt Gardner of Sweetwater Medics, LLC:

“Sweetwater County Sheriff, Detention Division, and Patrol Division

“I wanted to congratulate your staff on a job well done! Last night (June 7, 2018) Sweetwater Medics responded to the detention facility for an inmate who suffered a serious medical condition. The detention staff and deputies that responded to the incident did a phenomenal job, and the survival of the patient was largely, if not solely, a result of their efforts.

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“Upon EMS arrival, CPR was in progress, the AED [Automatic External Defibrillator] had been deployed and used, and the patient had a spontaneous pulse and respirations. The staff, including the nurse who was on speaker phone, was able to provide all relevant history for the event, and were extremely helpful as we packaged the patient for transport.

“We at Sweetwater Medics greatly appreciate the working relationship we share with your department. Time and time again, your deputies and corrections officers have proven to be an invaluable resource, not only in a law enforcement capacity, but also as extremely capable medical first responders. Please know that their professionalism and dedication does not go unnoticed. On behalf of Sweetwater Medics, please pass along my sincere appreciation.”


Matt Gardner

Team Lead

Sweetwater Medics, LLC”

I would like to thank Matt for his letter, and express as well my own commendation to our detention personnel, nursing staff, and patrol personnel in particular. In so many respects, detention professionals are the unsung heroes of law enforcement; they meet challenges and carry out responsibilities on a daily basis for which they are not recognized.

Great job, jail staff! Your dedication is appreciated!

– Sheriff Mike Lowell