Sweetwater County Detention Center Staff Recognized for Lifesaving Work

Sweetwater County Detention Center Staff Recognized for Lifesaving Work

From left, Detention Officer Pat McGowan, Detention Officer Crystal Bullock, Sheriff Mike Lowell, Control Room Operator Sarah Humphries, Sergeant Heather Yarrington, and Detention Officer Keith Bramwell.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Four detention officers and a control room operator at the Sweetwater County Detention Center were recognized for their swift, effective lifesaving work by Sheriff Mike Lowell in a special ceremony Wednesday.

On the evening of June 7, 2018, a SCDC inmate suffered a life-threatening medical emergency.

As described in the official citations, “You and your crewmates quickly recognized and coordinated response to the situation, assessed the man’s condition, immediately initiated critically important and appropriate emergency life-saving procedures (to include CPR, rescue breathing, and the deployment of an AED) and successfully revived the man—even before the arrival of emergency medical services. You then proceeded to assist EMS in ensuring the man continued to receive necessary emergency medical attention and to help EMS in safely preparing the man for transport from our facility to the hospital.”

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Thanks to the Detention Center crew’s actions, the inmate made a successful recovery.

In awarding the citations and presenting the SCDC staff with plaques, Lowell said, “Detention officers are often the unsung heroes of public safety, as their daily battles are unseen by too many. As a result, I think it is important to recognize you for your dedication in service to this agency, your colleagues, and our community, as embodied by your exceptional, selfless and coordinated actions during this critical incident. I am proud and grateful you are a part of our team, and I am honored and privileged to serve alongside you.”