Sweetwater County Foster Care Youth to Benefit from Autocross Event

Sweetwater County Foster Care Youth to Benefit from Autocross Event

ROCK SPRINGS — An upcoming autocross racing event at the Sweetwater Events Complex will help Sweetwater County youth in foster care.

Cars will be racing through the parking lot September 18 and 19, 2021 at the Sweetwater Events Complex parking lot. Admission to the event is free. Autocross racing revenue generated by driver racing fees goes to local Sweetwater County foster care youth.

Fast Cars and Foster Kids is a board-governed organization established in 2017.

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“We started out as a bunch of gear heads who wanted to do more than a regular car show or autocross race,” board member Bill Croy said.

The group works to get kids involved with classic cars, car racing and all things automotive. In fact, the largest trophy at the event is the Kids Choice trophy. All kids who attend the event get a vote.

During an annual meeting, the board compiles available funds and works directly with the Sweetwater County Department of Family Services to find out how many children are currently foster kids. Then Walmart gift cards are purchased for each foster child to purchase clothing, shoes, backpacks, diapers or other essentials they may need.

“We are proud to have an event at our complex that gives so much back to the community while providing a fun weekend for everyone,” Sweetwater Events Complex executive director, Larry Lloyd, said.

Visit www.SweetwaterEvents.com for additional information.