Sweetwater County Girls Basketball Coaches Give Insight on Upcoming Season and Rule Changes

Sweetwater County Girls Basketball Coaches Give Insight on Upcoming Season and Rule Changes

SweetwaterNOW photo, Stephanie Peterson

SWEETWATER COUNTY – As the 2023 basketball season gets underway this week, we reached out to all the basketball coaches around the county to get their insight on a few topics for this season.

First, we asked them about the new rule that eliminates 1-1 free throws. We also asked them about a rule change that has been a hot topic around the state the last few years regarding implementing a shot clock in Wyoming. And finally, we asked them all about their teams this year and who they felt would have a big impact on their teams.

Check out below what the girls’ basketball coaches had to say from Farson-Eden, Rock Springs, and Green River.

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Ramiro Candelaria

Rock Springs

1. There is a new rule in high school basketball that eliminates the 1-1 free throws and moves the bonus to 5 fouls in one quarter now to shoot 2 free throws for any common foul. How do you feel about this change and how do you think your team will adjust to the change?

“I don’t mind the change. We’ll definitely have to focus on not getting reckless fouls because the consequences can add up quick.”

2. One rule change that didn’t happen this year that a few coaches around the state wanted to see was a shot clock to be implemented in Wyoming. How do you stand on this and do you hope to see the change in the future?

“I would like it to change, I would definitely like to try it out and get the game tempo up, play possessions at the end of quarters, I think it would be fun.”

3. How are you feeling about your team heading into the season this year and are there any players who you expect to have a big impact on the court this season?

“This group is great, we have all returners including six seniors. Everyone needs to have a big impact for us to have a successful season.”

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Rick Carroll

Green River

1. “The change in free throws will be interesting.  I think it will actually speed up the game in the 2nd and 4th quarters.  I like the idea of resetting after each quarter.  I think it might make a comeback in the fourth quarter much more difficult with two shots for each foul at the end.  We will adjust.”

2. “As for the shot clock, It is coming eventually.  Again we will adjust our thinking.  We like to play fast in Green River so I feel we will adjust quickly if or when it happens.”

3. “We have a close-knit team.  I am looking forward to the season to find out who steps up.  It is always fun to see the dynamics of your team manifest as the season progresses.”

Tiffany Mines


1. “I figured this change was coming soon because they have had it in college girls for several years. I think it will take some time to get used to, but hopefully, we will be able to knock down some free throws and see the benefit from this rule change.”

2. “I hope we don’t ever get a shot clock. I think that with a shot clock, the game is way too fast for most high school kids. We also don’t have the numbers to be a fast pace team.”

3. “I am feeling good heading into the season. Not very many girls, but the girls have been working hard. We don’t have any seniors again so we are relying on younger girls to play huge minutes and contribute a lot this year! Two players that I expect to make an impact this season are Alivia Goicolea and Cadence Jones. They are both sophomores, but they made an impact last year and expect the same this year.”