Sweetwater County Marriage License Report for March 23, 2020 to May 29, 2020

Sweetwater County Marriage License Report for March 23, 2020 to May 29, 2020

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SWEETWATER COUNTY — The following marriage licenses were issued in Sweetwater County between March 23, 2020 and May 29, 2020.

Justin Michael Antonsen, 28, to Taylor Marie Compton, 25, both of Rock Springs.

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Jayson Wayne Knigge, 29, to Rochelle Ann Harsh, 34, both of Green River.

Sean Ming Leo, 29, to Kiaya Jeann Skorcz, 25, both of Green River.

Martin S. Evans, 51, to Miranda Diane Garcia, 38, both of Rock Springs.

Christopher Alexander Wilson, 24, to Marie Ann Davis, 19, both of Rock Springs.

Adolfo Martinez Ortiz, 37, to Crystal Marie Moyer, 31, both of Rock Springs.

Vincent Claude Boschetto, 29, to Kristina Marie Schneider, 29, both of Rock Springs.

Nathan Charles Richards, 65, to Tamra Ann Hoskinson, 61, of Green River and Rock Springs respectively.

Cody Shane Hilstad, 33, to Cherie Allison Beard, 29, both of Rock Springs.

Anthony Joseph Niemiec, 51, to Chasity Lynne Carter, 42, both of Green River.

Branden Wesley Cheese, 32, to Ronald Benito Martinez, both of Rock Springs.

Anthony Pete Hernandez, 48, to Iris Antonieta Martinez Sandoval, 45, of Riverton and Rock Springs respectively.

Trace Andrew Johnson, 29, to Georgeanne Marie Aksztulewicz, 25, both of Cheyenne.

Jason Lee Rose, 47, to Erika Iris Short, 34, of Reliance and Rock Springs respectively.

Ryan Cole Lundgren, 26, to Courtney Lee Peterson, 27, both of Green River.

Tyler Jason Mitchell, 24, to Brooke Linn Bowles, 24, both of Rock Springs.

Jeffery David Brown, 24, to Kayla Dee Howard, 25, both of Rock Springs.

Sativa Ruth Dupree, 20, to Esperanza Delilah Arellano, 20, both of Cuba.

Marcus Anthony Crumpler, 25, to Alexandria Moriah Cordova, 23, both of Green River.

David Edward Lupo, 40, to Yuna Lynette Ruth Adams, 30, both of Rock Springs.

Nghia Quang Pham, 30, to Ivory Beth Wade, 33, both of Rock Springs.

Nathan Ramos Campos, 37, to Amanda Kay Brink, 32, both of Green River.

Timothy Joseph Lacock, 22, to Bethany Nicole Smith, 22, of Watertown and Green River respectively.

Tyler Zane Lux, 20, to Allyson Marie Sollars, 21, both of Rock Springs.

Casey Dean Chivers, 30, to Rylie Erin Sutton, 27, both of Rock Springs.

Christopher Adam Rose, 21, to Emilee Dawn Thomas, 20, both of Green River.

Stephen Roy Brown, 22, to Kelsey Marie Trovillion, 22, both of Rock Springs.

Michael Leroy Looney, 30, to Amber Faye McCulloch, 29, both of Wamsutter.

Dustin Ray Cleary, 32, to Desiree Dawn Lawrence, 36, both of Green River.