Sweetwater County Opens New Chapter On Monday As Elected Officials Take Office

Sweetwater County Opens New Chapter On Monday As Elected Officials Take Office
The Sweetwater County Commissioners take a photo with the newly sworn and reelected members. Pictured from left, Randall Wendling, Reid West, Wally Johnson, Don Van Matre and John Kolb.

SWEETWATER COUNTY – As we take a look back at 2014, there were many events which will make the year memorable for everyone in its unique way. One of those events which will rank high on many people’s list was the 2014 election. On Monday, a lot of new faces as well as some familiar ones, were sworn in to their new positions.

One by one, the newly elected officials took their turn with the honorable 3rd Judicial District Court Judge Richard L. Lavery as they were sworn into office. He said swearing in the newly elected officials is one event judges look forward to and it is a day for the county to be proud.

“Today is an occasion I think we should celebrate because we get to choose our own leadership,” he expressed.

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Lavery said the ceremony on Monday reminded him of a quote from former President Ronald Reagan.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

First came the Sweetwater County Commissioners starting with the two second-term commissioners, John Kolb and Reid West. The new face on the block, Randall Wendling, followed as he officially took his seat on the commission.

Wendling told SweetwaterNOW he looks forward to serving the citizens of Sweetwater County and working with the commissioners to continue to move the county forward. He said he will help support the growth of the county as well as working for the constituents who elected him.

“I’m looking forward to moving forward,” Wendling said.

Dale Majhanovich was sworn in for another term as Sweetwater County Coroner followed by Travis Sanders who was sworn in as Majhanovich Chief Deputy.

The next official sworn in was  a familiar face to many but one which will be in a new uniform. Mike Lowell was sworn in as the new Sweetwater County Sheriff. He was followed by Rickie Hawkins and Brett Stokes who were both sworn in as Captains of the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office.

For Lowell, he said the first few weeks will be getting to know the employees, talking to them and getting feedback. He said he will also be touring the facilities and starting to get familiar with the budget.

“It’s back to business as usual,” Lowell said.

Dale Davis was sworn in for a second term as Sweetwater County Clerk, Robb Slaughter was sworn in for another term as Sweetwater County Treasurer and Sue Sanchez as Slaughter’s Chief Deputy. Pat Drinkle was sworn in as assessor and David Divis as her Chief Deputy. DonnaLee Bobak was sworn in for another term as Clerk of District Courts while Belinda Bridewell followed as Bobak’s Chief Deputy.

Next was a new beginning for the Sweetwater County Attorney’s Office as Daniel Erramouspe was sworn in as the new leader of the office. The Deputy County Attorneys followed which included Teresa Thybo, Gary Redente, Marc Dedenbach, Damon DeBernardi, Lauren Radakovich, Danielle Schumacher and Sophie Dornbach.

Erramouspe said he is excited to get to work and anxious to start moving forward with his staff. He said the first few months he is going to evaluate where the office is and the caseload of the office. The Sweetwater County Attorney’s office is one of the busiest in the state and Erramouspe said he wants to make sure cases are handled efficiently as possible. Along with making sure the office is ran efficiently, he added he will also continue to promote the safety and well-being for the residents of Sweetwater County.

Newly sworn Sweetwater County Sheriff Mike Lowell, center, and Sheriff Captains Brett Stokes, left and Rickie Hawkins.


Clerk of Courts DonnaLee Bobak is sworn in.



Sweetwater County Clerk Dale Davis is sworn in.
County Commissioner Randall Wendling is sworn in.


County Commissioner John Kolb is sworn in.


County Attourney Daniel Erramouspe is sworn in.


Pat Drinkle is sworn in as Sweetwater County Assessor along with David Divis as her Chief Deputy.


County Commissioner Reid West.


Mike Lowell is sworn in as Sweetwater County Sheriff.


Dale Majhanovich is sworn in as County Coroner.