Sweetwater County Public Health to Host COVID-19 Press Briefing

Sweetwater County Public Health to Host COVID-19 Press Briefing

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Sweetwater County District Board of Health will be hosting a live press briefing this afternoon at 3 pm to update the public on the latest COVID-19 Coronavirus developments in Sweetwater County.

Scheduled guests during today’s briefing will include Public Health Director Kim Lionberger, Medical Director of Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County’s Department of Pathology Dr. Cielette Karn and Public Health Interim Public Information Officer Jason Mower.

Mower will provide updates on the latest numbers, Lionberger plans to speak to the isolation and quarantine process, and Dr. Karn intends to discuss COVID-19 testing.

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They will also be available to answer questions from members of the local media.

The briefing will be streamed live to the public on Sweetwater County Public Health’s Facebook page at http:// www.facebook.com/scdboh and Sweetwater County Government’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPe1fuV_mrPq8dVoZ3FttNA.

More health and community updates can be found at facebook.com/scdboh, sweetwatermemorial.com, covid19.wyo.gov, and cdc.gov.