Sweetwater County Schools, Public Health: COVID-19 Spread Could Close Schools

Sweetwater County Schools, Public Health: COVID-19 Spread Could Close Schools

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Sweetwater County School Districts No. 1 and No. 2 in coordination with Sweetwater Public Health have issued a joint statement today, October 31, to warn the community of an increase of COVID-19 Coronavirus cases in the community.

According to the Districts and Public Health, community spread could result the in closing of schools or suspending of winter sports and activities.

The statement reads as follows:

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“Both Sweetwater School District Number One and Number Two have been working in close partnership with Sweetwater Public Health and community medical staff to stay up to date on current information, problem solve through situations, and provide the safest environment and opportunities for all students and families during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. 

Recently there has been a steep increase in community spread positive COVID-19 cases, going from less than 2% to 10.9% as of today (Saturday, October 31).

[Editor note: Positivity rate above is based on number of positive COVID-19 cases out of number tested. Not positive rate of community population. See current stats here.]

Together we are monitoring cases closely as different circumstances such as our hospital getting overwhelmed, positive cases coming into the schools increases to a level that we need to intervene, or we have enough staff out that we are unable to cover classrooms with substitutes, could move our districts from being in Tier 1 of our approved reentry Smart Start plan, to Tier 2 or 3 along with suspending winter sports and activities. 

The school districts along with Public Health are trying to take every safety precaution we can and enforce rules in order to keep our students and staff safe, schools open, and sports and activities going.  We know the devastating effects that closing schools has on the community with parents having to stay home and businesses then short on employees. 

In partnership with Public Health, we are supporting and encouraging our community to take precautions such as good hand washing, staying home when you are sick, and wearing a mask where 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained.”