Sweetwater County’s Total Valuation Increases $191 Million

Sweetwater County’s Total Valuation Increases $191 Million

SWEETWATER COUNTY — According to Sweetwater County Assessor Dave Divis, the Sweetwater County valuation numbers were certified by the Wyoming State Board of Equalization on Monday.

The valuation numbers for all entities applying a mill levy are posted on the Sweetwater County Assessor’s website at www.sweet.wy.us. Values will be found under the “Departments” tab, then “Assessor” tab, and on the bottom left of the page with the heading “Taxing Authority Certified Values”.

These numbers include the locally assessed values (agricultural, residential, commercial & industrial) and the state assessed values (minerals and utilities).

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Certification means the Assessor’s Office passed the State Board of Equalization’s statistical review and the management questions asked in the hearing.

These requirements ensure that the value numbers, specifically for residential properties, have met the “fair and equitable” tests required by statute.

An Assessor cannot arbitrarily increase or decrease values for any property and still met these statutory guidelines.

Breakdown provided by Sweetwater County Assessor Dave Divis.

The jump in value on the Industrial property was largely due to Simplot, and the recent completion of their ammonia facility. This was a huge project for them and for the county as a whole.

The TOTAL COUNTY valuation went from $2,153,513,159 to $2,344,680,978 which is an increase of $191,167,819.

Any increase this large has to come from our mineral values. The top five mineral categories listed below make up 58% of our total valuation.

By contrast, residential and commercial real and personal property combined only total $343,941,957, which is about 14% of our total value.

Breakdown provided by Sweetwater County Assessor Dave Divis.