Sweetwater Memorial Reports Over 69,000 Registrations for the Year So Far

Sweetwater Memorial Reports Over 69,000 Registrations for the Year So Far

Irene Richardson, MHSC CEO, provided an annual report of the hospital's operations to the Sweetwater County Commissioners on Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Irene Richardson, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County CEO, gave an annual report of the hospital’s operations during the Sweetwater County Commissioner meeting last Tuesday.

During the annual report, Richardson presented stats for the hospital’s services for the year so far, as of June 16, 2020. The stats are as follows:

  • Admissions: 1,888
  • Patient days: 4,707
  • Surgeries: 1,778
  • Medical imaging visits: 23,537
  • Laboratory visits: 54,640
  • Respiratory therapy visits: 5,438
  • Cardiovascular visits: 5,112
  • Dialysis visits: 5,280
  • Physical therapy visits: 2,441
  • Cardiac rehab visits: 3,122
  • Clinic visits: 51,076
  • Oncology visits: 5,112
  • Emergency Room visits: 13,797
  • Newborns: 480
  • Sleep lab visits: 478
  • Infusion center visits: 2,135
  • Dietary meals provided: 103,155
  • Pounds of laundry washed: 402,896
  • Total registrations: 64,933

Chairman Randy “Doc” Wendling commended Richardson and the MHSC staff for bringing the hospital “a long way”.

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“It’s quite obvious with the numbers it’s not just citizens of Sweetwater County, it’s citizens of Southwest Wyoming that are seeking quality medical services here at Memorial,” Wendling said. “That’s a tribute, Irene, to you, your staff, doctors, and everybody working at the hospital.”

COVID-19 Response

A portion of the report was dedicated to the hospital’s COVID-19 Coronavirus response. Richardson said in late February the hospital stood up Incident Command to respond to the pandemic. She said their number one goal has been to ensure the safety of staff, patients, and the community.

“Our efforts to minimize and stop the spread of COVID-19 were very successful, we feel, with the help of working collaboratively with the County EOC (Emergency Operation Center), Sweetwater County Public Health, and all the other health care providers in the community,” Richardson said.

Sweetwater Memorial has played a role in collecting specimen samples and reporting results to public health. They have also been performing in-house testing by molecular methods on the Abbott ID Now and BioFire platforms, Richardson said.

The hospital is prepared to start COVID-19 in-house antibody testing soon.