SweetwaterNOW Continues To Grow Because of Local News Readers Like You

SweetwaterNOW Continues To Grow Because of Local News Readers Like You

SweetwaterNOW Staff: (from left) Stephanie Thompson, Gary Collins, Kaylee Hughes, Brayden Flack, Lindsay Malicoate, Dave Arambel, and Olivia Kennah

SweetwaterNOW was created in 2013 with the mission of bringing an up-to-date, hyperlocal digital news platform to Sweetwater County.

From real-time and breaking news to event coverage and everything in between, it’s been a pleasure of working and growing with you for the past 7 years.

SweetwaterNOW.com has grown to be the most-read news source in Southwest Wyoming and one of the top 3 local news sites in the state, along with Oil City News and County 10.

In the past 8 months, we’ve seen unprecedented growth on all of the platforms we serve you with. The numbers say it all, prior to May 2020, SweetwaterNOW.com averaged 1.2 Million page views per month. That number has nearly doubled and remains steady throughout the past several months!

As more and more people turn to their local news sources to keep them up-to-date on COVID and the unknowns that have come with that, we appreciate your trust in us as a locally-owned news and media company.

We couldn’t do it without you!


6.2 Million

Page Views

[ May 2020 – July 2020 ]

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[ +1,500 May 2020 – July 2020 ]

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More than ever, the community is depending on finding community news via social feeds and we’ve noticed. Times have changed and local media has gone social… literally.

1,700+ New
37,000+ Total
Facebook Followers

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850+ New
8,700+ Total
Instagram Followers

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As the community continues to navigate the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, we realize our jobs are more important than ever. We created our COVID-19 Coronavirus Resource Page to keep you up-to-date on stats, resources, news, guidelines, and more. Our team has worked hard to bring you relevant and accurate updates because we know that now and always, you support what you can trust.

We know the world is a bit overwhelming and it doesn’t seem much has gone right this year. As much as we value keeping you informed about COVID-19 Coronavirus stats and information, we feel it is just as important to highlight the positive things happening in our community – which is exactly why we started the #LocalHeroes series to recognize those often unnoticed acts of kindness to the incredible actions of many in our community.


Ordinary people doing 
extraordinary things in Sweetwater County.

We grow when you choose us and we can’t thank you enough.

🧡 The team at SweetwaterNOW