SweetwaterNOW Launches New Website


Over a year in development, SweetwaterNOW has launched their new website in Southwest Wyoming.

Since 2013, SweetwaterNOW has become the #1 news site in the area and we continuously work to bring you relevant and real-time community news.

By using feedback from our readers and analyzing our visitor data we have made some vast improvements that we believe will provide a better user experience.

A large majority of our website traffic comes from mobile devices. With the constant change in these type of devices in screen size, resolution and more, we wanted to create the best mobile experience when you land on one of our stories.

Larger, easier to read text. Crisp imagery and an uncluttered viewing area.

Most importantly, a brand-new mobile menu that gets you to our most-read pages fast and easy. We think you’ll love it!

The new site also features a more user-friendly homepage that will highlight different sections. These sections are similar to a legacy news source, but with the usability only found online. This also allows us to change out featured areas that are seasonal or important during certain months. Like road conditions, summer events, you name it.

For those who enjoyed the old chronological stream, our most recent news will remain front and center at the top. We will also show our readers what stories are trending in real-time.

Breaking up the news into sections will allow fast access for those looking for certain stories about sports, community, jobs and more.


SweetwaterNOW is the first media company to bring real-time news to Southwest Wyoming and for free to our readers. That is only possible by having amazing community sponsors and advertisers. There is a fine line between relevant advertising and spamming our readers, creating an unreadable website.

We feel we’ve found a great balance that highlights these wonderful businesses and events, but also lets you read your favorite articles.

For businesses, we have also improved our ad delivery and created a few more opportunities to tell your story and showcase your brand.

By switching ad servers we have digital advertising opportunities that are not available with any other local media company or news source. We can link ads directly from your social media sites and also allow you to control your ad space, all at your request and based on your comfort level.

SweetwaterNOW is the only local news source that uses and understands IAB Digital Advertising guidelines. We know that a blurry ad that isn’t built to correct specs doesn’t catch the attention of a reader and is a waste of your advertising budget.

The highest website traffic combined with ads that are created for conversion, nobody compares to SweetwaterNOW in local advertising.


It has been fun yet challenging spearheading this redesign project through the majority of 2017. I tried to take the better elements of multiple news sites to create something clean and sharp for our readers, but robust on the backend so that we can continue with unique and exciting content and also broaden our high-quality digital advertising options.

It is our mission on the advertising side to not just sell ads, but to provide the most visibility for our clients and help them reach their advertising goals based on real numbers. you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

That is the SweetwaterNOW difference.”

-Gary Collins, COO


Just as important as what we did change is what we did not change. We know that our users like the menu structure and are used to finding the most-read pages in our secondary menu. That stays.

We know that our users like using social media to interact with SweetwaterNOW and more often than not come to our articles directly from Facebook, that experience continues to get better and better with SweetwaterNOW.

We know that our readers are engaged with their community and want to have the most relevant news upfront and center and an easy way to find more related stories. That stays and gets better.

Customer service has always been our priority, that will never change.

And your local news stays FREE as we continue to grow and invest back into you, our local community.

We thank all of you for the last 4 1/2 years and are proud to be a locally-owned news source in an age where most local newspapers are being shut down or bought by corporations out of Chicago, New York and more.

We are local, we love this community, and we invest back into Southwest Wyoming. We appreciate your support as we transition into this new chapter.

If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out at contact@sweetwaternow.com

The team at SweetwaterNOW.