Team Wyoming Moves to Seventh After Strong Tuesday

Team Wyoming Moves to Seventh After Strong Tuesday

Barrel racing at the Sweetwater Events Complex.

GILLETTE – Team Wyoming moved up in the standings at the National High School Finals Rodeo as the first round ends Wednesday morning.

After Tuesday night’s performance, Wyoming jumped from 11th in the combined score to seventh. Team Utah took the lead from Texas. The ladies of Team Wyoming have moved to fourth overall with 32 states making runs. Utah also leads the girl’s division. On the boy’s side, Wyoming is sixth out of 38 teams. Idaho is on top.

In the Tuesday morning session, McKinnon’s Chance Anderson posted a time of 4.36 in steer wrestling to win the morning session. Overall, his run has him in the third position, about a second off the top time.

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Farson’s Neale Jones also made his first run in boy’s cutting. His score of 137 had him tied for seventh for the performance and 32nd overall. He only trails the top spot by 12 points.

Brian Brown of LaBarge continues to lead the bareback competition. Lusk’s Jacey Thompson sits in third in breakaway roping and is fourth in the all-around cowgirl competition.

Ira Dickinson of Rock Springs will make his first saddle bronc ride on Wednesday morning and will follow it with his second in the afternoon session. Big Piney’s Karson Bradley will do the same in the barrel racing competition. Bradley is currently 35th in pole bending.


NHSFR Results

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Round 1 Results: (Not everyone has had their first run. If someone was scheduled, but there are no results, assume that person took a no time/no score)


1st Place: Brian Brown (LaBarge) – 78 points. Leads by 5 points.

19th Place: Thomas Davis (Osage) – 58 points. Trials by 20 points.

Breakaway Roping

3rd Place: Jacey Thompson (Lusk) – 2.52 seconds. Trails by 0.39 seconds.

Goat Tying

14th Place: Jacey Thompson (Lusk) – 7.84 seconds. Trails by 0.74 seconds.

22nd Place: Kenna Balkenbush (Sheridan) – 8.19 seconds. Trails by 1.09 seconds.

45th Place: Reata Beck (Albin) – 9.14 seconds. Trails by 2.04 seconds.

75th Place: Abi Deveraux (Newcastle) – 10.38 seconds. Trails by 3.28 seconds.

Pole Bending

22nd Place: Shay Hough (Gillette) – 20.712 seconds. Trails by 0.614 seconds.

35th Place: Karson Bradley (Big Piney) – 20.965 seconds. Trails by 0.867 seconds.

122nd Place: Sheyenne Jacobsen (Gillette) – 26.31 seconds. Trails by 6.212 seconds.

Barrel Racing

19th Place: Shyann Russell (Gillette) – 17.624 seconds. Trails by 0.614 seconds.

32nd Place: Sheyenne Jacobson (Gillette) – 17.738 seconds. Trails by 0.728 seconds.

43rd Place: Kenna Balkenbush (Sheridan) – 17.838 seconds. Trails by 0.828 seconds.

Steer Wrestling

3rd Place: Chance Anderson (McKinnon) – 4.36 seconds. Trails by 1.00 second.

68th Place: Taylor Davidson (Douglas) – 18.74 seconds. Trails by 15.38 seconds.

Tie-Down Roping

70th Place: Zane Thompson (Cheyenne) – 24.05 seconds. Trails by 15.21 seconds.

73rd Place: Wyatt Tarver (Gillette) – 24.73 seconds. Trails by 15.89 seconds.

90th Place: Canton Afdahl (Torrington) – 29.97 seconds. Trails by 21.13 seconds.

Team Roping

11th Place: Kellan and Carson Johnson (Casper) – 7.27 seconds. Trail by 1.78 seconds.

34th Place: Wheaton Willaims (Big Horn) and Jerren Johnson (Casper) – 12.21 seconds. Trail by 6.72 seconds.

Bull Riding

7th Place: Ryley Lane (Torrington) – 71 points. Trails by 11 points.

Boys Cutting

32nd Place: Neale Jones (Farson) – 137 points. Trails by 12 points.

46th Place: Johnathon Lipps (Casper) – 133 points. Trails by 16 points.

Girls Cutting

6th Place: Ayanah Winsor (Kaycee) – 145.5 points. Trails by 4.5 points.

7th Place: Emmy Ilgen (Sheridan) – 145 points. Trails by 5 points.

10th Place: Rylee Whitman (Big Piney) – 144 points. Trails by 6 points.

Reined Cow Horse

51st Place: Lance Evans (Evanston) – 272.5 points. Trails by 22 points.

56th Place: Courtney Reynolds (Gillette) – 271.5 points. Trails by 23 points.

83rd Place: Sadie Sturman (Lusk) – 259.5 points. Trails by 35 points.

88th Place: Reata Beck (Albin) – 255 points. Trails by 39.5 points

All-Around Cowgirl

4th Place: Jacey Thompson (Lusk) – 245 points. Trails by 75 points.

Team Standings

Boys: Wyoming is 6th out of 38 teams. (Idaho leads)

Girls: Wyoming is 4th out of 32 teams. (Utah leads)

Combined: Wyoming is 7th out of 40 teams. (Utah leads)


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