This Week on the Gridiron: Football History of Week 8

This Week on the Gridiron: Football History of Week 8

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As high school football fans gear up for the 8th week of football action, let’s take a step back in time to delve into the rich history behind some of the upcoming matchups. From historic rivalries to championship battles, this is a dive into the history of the battles that have shaped these teams.


Rock Springs Tigers vs. Cheyenne Central Indians

Friday, Oct. 20 @ 6 p.m.

Historical Record: Rock Springs 24 – 48 Cheyenne Central (with four ties)

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The Rock Springs Tigers and Cheyenne Central have a long history dating back to Nov. 17, 1934. Their first game was a state semifinals matchup where Rock Springs would defeat Central 12-7 but would lose to Sheridan in the Championship game.

These two teams have a lot of playoff history with each other with 10 playoff games being played between the two of them. They have split those ten games with both teams going 5-5.

They have played in two state championship games between each other. The first of the two was in 1983 when Cheyenne Central would win 31-7. They would again meet in the 80’s in the 1989 Championship game where Central would again win 32-0.

In 1992 in a quarterfinal game, Rock Springs defeated Central 27-0 to end a 21-game streak where Rock Springs lost 20 and tied one game against the Indians. This streak lasted from 1961-1992.

Another post-season win for the Tigers over Cheyenne Central was in 2002 in the Semi-Finals for a final score of 16-12. Rock Springs would win the State Championship game 36-14 against Cambell County that same year.

In the two teams’ history, there have been 21 games where at least one team was held scoreless. Central has held Rock Spring scoreless in 16 of the 21 games. Rock Springs has shut out Central 6 times as well and there was one game where the two teams tied 0-0.

In recent history, Rock Springs has gone 6-4 in the last 10 games against Central but fell to Cheyenne last year 45-7

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Green River Wolves vs. Evanston Red Devils

Thursday, Oct. 19 @ 6 p.m.

Historical Record: Green River 59 – 35 Evanston (with six ties)

The Green River Wolves and Evanston Red Devils were slated to first face off 100 years ago in the first year of Green River Football in 1923. The game was scheduled for Nov. 3rd but was canceled due to snow. They would then face off in week one of 1924 where the two teams would tie 6-6. In fact, the two teams would tie against each other 3 times within their first 10 games.

These two teams have only played one playoff game against each other, well half of a playoff game.

On Oct. 25, 1988, there was a 3-way tie in the playoff race after the regular season was over. Green River, Evanston, and Riverton were all tied with no more games left to play. The solution to this tie was for the 3 to play for the final spot in one game.

Two teams would face each other for a half of football and then the winner of this game would face the next team for another half. The team that got to sit out the first half game was decided by a coin toss. Green River would win the coin toss.

Riverton and Evanston would then face off for the first half of this special playoff game. Evanston would win 6-3 and move on to face the Wolves. The Red Devils would take care of business in this half as well winning 7-0 against the Wolves to advance to the playoffs.

The Red Devils would make the state championship game that year but fall 26-9 aginst Cheyenne Central.

So far in their 100-game history, there have been 30 shutouts. Green River has shut out the Red Devils 22 times and Evanston has shut out Green River 9 times with one 0-0 tie.

In the last ten games, both teams are 5-5 against each other.

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Lyman Eagles vs. Cokeville Panthers

Thursday, Oct. 19 @ 3 p.m.

Historical Record: Lyman 24 – 41 Cokeville (with one tie)

The Lyman Eagles and the Cokeville Panthers have a history with each other that dates back to Oct. 12, 1949, when they played their first game against each other. Lyman would win 26-18.

There have been a lot of great defensive games between these two teams with 20 shutouts performed by these two schools against each other. Cokeville has been shut out only 5 times compared to Lyman who has been shut out 15 times.

In the last 10 games, Lyman has a 4-6 record against Cokeville.

Last year Lyman beat the Panthers 16-6, extending their win streak to three in a row with the most Lyman has won in a row against Cokevill being 4.


Mountain View Buffalos vs. Kemmerer Rangers

Friday, Oct. 20 @ 6 p.m.

Historical Record: Mountain View 27 – 17 Kemmerer

The Mountain View Buffalos and the Pinedale Wranglers first met on Oct. 31, 1969. Mountain View won 24-12.

There have been two playoff games between the two teams with Kemmerer winning both.

There has been a few low-scoring games between the two team with 4 games where neither team hit double-digit points.

There have been 9 games where Kemmerer was held scoreless while Mountain View has only been held scoreless 3 times against Kemmerer.

In the last ten games, the Buffalos are 9-1 against Kemmerer only losing in 2021 with a final score of 21-20

Last year when these two faced off, Mountain View escaped with a 13-6 victory.