Tiger Talk: Consistency Leads to Success

Tiger Talk: Consistency Leads to Success

Courtesy of Shannon Dutcher/WyoPreps

Welcome to #TIGERTALK – a SweetwaterNOW exclusive series where Rock Springs High School Tigers inspire our community by telling their stories in their own words.

My name is Andrew Skorcz and I am a part of the Rock Springs High School track and field team. I am also a part of the high school football team, and participate in Tigers for Literacy.

We have just concluded our state indoor meet recently. It was a very successful weekend for both the girls and boys team. Many of my teammates set new personal bests and really competed.

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I also found success in Gillette.

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I took home a state title in the open 400 meter. Even though my accomplishment was an individual performance it was not all an individual effort. My coaches have been incredibly invested in helping me reach my goals and find success.I have had tremendous amounts of support from my teammates as well. Coach Mesa Weidle has really been a key factor in my success. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to the 400 and track in general. My head coach Casey Walker has been changing our program as a whole. We have been creating a really positive culture that produces a ton of growth and results.

This was my first year running indoor track and it was a great experience. I am super excited to see what the outdoor season will bring.

Come support the Tiger track team this upcoming season.

An Outside Perspective from Coach Walker

I think one of the things that maybe people don’t realize about athletes like Andrew and several others we have on our squad is all the work they have put in over the last four years. These type of athletes put in more hours in the weight room than most even think about. They study film, they don’t skip workouts and they apply coaching to the best of their ability. The saying “If you want something you have never had you have you have to do something you have never done” is taken to heart by these type of kids.

All athletes lift weights and work out, that is not special anymore, but not all do it at the same level with consistency. Andrew is one of several examples of athletes in our school who have figured this out and dedicated themselves to this. In doing so they provide leadership to others and bring them along as well.

Being a multiple sport athlete has helped Andrew learn what it means to compete in different settings and he, along with several others that fit into this category, bring that competitiveness to the track team.

We preach to our athletes to compete against themselves first. Beating personal bests in their events is the number one priority and this eventually leads to placing, and in Andrew’s case, a state championship in the 400 meter during indoor track and field.

He just keeps his head down and keeps grinding with the others. He leads by example and this is what you want in a senior leader. It’s easy to stay at home on the couch and say what you could do. It’s a lot harder to get up and go do it every day. It’s that consistency that separates kids like Andrew from the rest. I see it in several on this team and I also see them passing it on to others.

As a coach, this allows me to trust those athletes in leadership roles and to help build the proper culture for our team.