Tigers Announce Walker as New Head Outdoor Track and Field Coach

Tigers Announce Walker as New Head Outdoor Track and Field Coach

Coach Walker and part of the RSHS track and field team pose for a picture after competition. Photo courtesy of Casey Walker.

ROCK SPRINGS — After a four month search for a new head outdoor track and field coach, Rock Springs High School Athletic Director, Thomas Jassman, announced the school’s selection on Tuesday night. Casey Walker will now take the reins of a very successful track and field program effective immediately.

Walker has been a coach or an assistant coach for the last 21 years of his professional career. He has been a coach and teacher in Sweetwater County School District No. 1 for the last nine years. Previously, he was the head track and field coach at Crawford High School in Nebraska for five years where his teams found great success. In the last 20 years, he has coached 15 of the 18 track and field events.

Rock Springs High School
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During his time at RSHS, Walker has been an assistant coach for the Tigers indoor and outdoor track and field teams. He has coached multiple state champions and place winners over the course of the last nine years. The track and field teams in Rock Springs offered great potential and led to his decision to apply for the job.

“I saw an opportunity to continue to build a program into something special that all that compete in and are a part of could be proud of,” Walker said. “I agree with what Coach Lendhart said about Rock Springs and why he came here for football. There’s one school in a large town with blue collar work ethic and that can give a person a lot to build on. I know our kids can compete on the state level as well as the national level because I have been a part of coaching, or have coached several state champions and place winners, as well as athletes that have won events like the Simplot indoor meet with competitors from across the nation. In the 9 years I have been here, RSHS has probably had more kids compete at the next level in track and field than any other sport. There is a great base to be successful here.”

As for the future of the program, Walker hopes to grow the number of athletes that come out for the track and field team and teach the importance of a multi-sport athlete. In order to accomplish that, he plans to work closely with the junior high team and build a support system for the sport. He also wants to build consistency from the coaching staff to the expectations of his athletes.

Photo courtesy of Casey Walker.

“My immediate vision is to grow the program and see our numbers go up,” Walker said. “Track has a niche for everyone and if they are willing to put themselves out there it can be found. Over the course of time we want to develop a consistency in the coaching staff, consistent expectations for athletes and for our athletes to understand what it takes to be successful both on and off the track. This will start with me setting those expectations and then as a group holding each other to them.”

Walker looks forward to getting his preseason duties done and stepping onto the track for the first practice. But most importantly, he looks forward to serving and helping his athletes.

“All coaches that stay in coaching, stay because they love to work with athletes. That is what this is about.  Our job as coaches is to get the best out of our athletes that they may not even know they had to give.  The athlete’s job is to come to practice every day and give their best effort with their best attitude. When that happens special things can happen,” Walker said.

Walker’s greatest support to fulfill the new head coach position will come from his wife. His wife and two kids have been supportive over his lengthy coaching career.

“Most importantly I want to thank my wife, Misty, who has been a coach’s wife for 20 years and knows better than most what taking this on will entail and yet she still encouraged me to do it. When coaches are spending time with other people’s sons and daughters they are missing time with their own. My wife has shouldered this burden through multiple sports for 20 years and like most great wives and moms, she is the rock of our family. I don’t think coaches wives ever get enough credit for what they do at home and behind the scenes!”