Tom Jarvie Assumes Role as Interim GR Police Chief


GREEN RIVER — Green River Patrol Lieutenant Tom Jarvie has assumed the role of Interim Green River Police Chief following Chief Chris Steffen’s retirement from the force.

Jarvie will act as Interim Police Chief until the position has been appointed. He has been with the Green River Police Department for 26 years.

Jarvie is most excited to “provide some continuity right now,” he said.

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“Whenever any head of an organization leaves, nobody likes change, so it’s always a little bit rough on the people who work there,” Jarvie said.

To be able to provide some continuity within the department, he said is important at this time, and to support the city administrator in his efforts to find the best leadership he can for the department.

“To smooth that transition over, that to me will be the measure of my success,” Jarvie said.


Stepping in Steffen’s Footsteps

Jarvie said he worked closely with Steffen throughout his entire career within the Green River Police Department.

“We started close to the same time. Our careers paralleled one another over the years,” Jarvie said.

Following in Steffen’s footsteps, Jarvie says is quite an honor.

“Especially following Chris, because we have worked so closely together over the years,” he said. “We went in as detectives within months of one another, we were hired within months of one another.”

Jarvie said working in the Patrol Lieutenant Division, their offices have been side-by-side, and the two have been working hand in hand within the last five years.

“He has the department on a trajectory where I think it needs to be and so I just hope to continue that,” Jarvie concluded.