The Top 10 Reasons to Use Wyoming Child Support Program


Many factors in life can affect your need to reach out to someone regarding Child Support. Trying to navigate this field alone could leave you disappointed, frustrated and with less financial support. The Wyoming Child Support Program (WCSP) can help!

The WCSP promotes the safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency of families. Offices are conveniently located throughout the state. The Sweetwater County branch is located in Green River. The office provides a variety of services that assist families with financial support.

Call 307-777-6948 or visit the website.

Our offices have compiled the top 10 reasons to use Wyoming Child Support Program:

1 – Low cost

We’re here to support you! We only charge a minimal fee for our services and some are free. Call your local office to find out more.

2 – Effective Program

The WCSP has been promoting the financial well-being of families for years. Over time we have carefully crafted a process and procedure that is both effective and efficient.

3 – Transparency

Utilize our online portal for immediate questions and account information.

4 – One-on-One Support

We will assign a case worker who will help you navigate the process and explain each step in detail.

5 – Across State Lines

In cases where another parent resides across state lines, the WCSP will work closely with the other state’s Child Support Agency to establish, modify and/or enforce a child support order. Learn more here.

6 – Collections

Having trouble collecting payments? Come talk to us, we can help.

7 – We’re ranked #1

The WCSP is ranked #1 in the nation.

8 – Get Answers to your ?’s

A simple call or login to our online portal can get you fast and accurate answers to your most pressing questions.

9 – We Care

We are comprised of a committed, knowledgeable and caring staff.

10 – Assistance during Life Changes

Many factors in life can affect your need to reach out to someone regarding child support. Most often, it is a result of a major change to a family’s life. Click here to learn more.

If you find yourself in need of Child Support, please don’t hesitate to contact your local office.

Sweetwater County Office

140 Commerce Drive, Suite F
Green River, WY 82935
Phone:  307-875-4725 or 800-742-3098

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

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