TRN Media’s All-County Football Team

TRN Media’s All-County Football Team

SweetwaterNOW photo, Stephanie Peterson. Graphic Design by Kaylee Hughes

SWEETWATER COUNTY – With the football season concluded, we at TRN Media thought it was a good time to look back at the season and honor the play of the students of our community. We have compiled a list of who we think would make the team if there was an all-star team for Sweetwater County.

We have 12 players on offense and 12 on defense with some playing both ways. We also have a kicking specialist and a returner. We also listed a few players as honorable mentions who played well this season and could have easily made the list as well. The list was voted on by Erick Pauley, Keith Trujillo, Lyndon Schmidt, and Jayson Klepper.

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QB: Michael Faigl- Rock Springs

RB: Ory Johnson – Farson-Eden

RB: Brycen Coombs – Rock Springs

WR: Axel Mackinnon – Green River

WR: Kael Anderson – Rock Springs

WR: Loy Madsen – Farson-Eden

TE: Goodness Okere – Rock Springs

OL: Ethan Saunders – Rock Springs

OL: Ethan Frady – Rock Springs

OL: Pablo Meza – Rock Springs

OL: Ranger Elkins – Rock Springs

OL: Jayce Stewart – Green River

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DL: Sam Eddy – Rock Springs

DL: Declan Henderson – Green River

DL: Goodness Okere – Rock Springs

DL: James Moore – Rock Springs

LB: Ory Johnson – Farson-Eden

LB: Sam Thornhill – Rock Springs

LB: Garrett Smith – Green River

LB: James Herwaldt – Green River

DB: Andre Graves – Rock Springs

DB: Axel Mackinnon – Green River

DB: Trew Thompson – Rock Springs

DB: Raab Poignee – Green River

Special Teams

Kicker/Punter: Michael Rubich – Rock Springs

Returner: Axel Mackinnon – Green River

Honorable Mentions

Ben Fowler – Rock Springs

Josh Sain – Rock Springs

Boston James – Rock Springs

Cash Jones – Farson-Eden

Emmanuel Cruz – Farson-Eden

Adrian Ruiz – Green River

Max Hintz – Green River

Dax Taylor – Green River

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