TRN Media’s Fall Season High School Coach of the Year: Colleen Seiloff

TRN Media’s Fall Season High School Coach of the Year: Colleen Seiloff

SweetwaterNOW photo, Stephanie Peterson. Graphic Design by Kaylee Hughes

GREEN RIVER — After winning her third state championship in four years and earning 3A Coach of the Year honors, Green River Girls Swimming and Diving Coach, Colleen Seiloff, is TRN Media’s Fall Season Coach of the Year for Sweetwater County. A seasoned swimming coach with a passion for the sport that spans decades, Seiloff recently shared insights into her coaching journey, the importance of building a strong team, and her plans for the future.

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Seiloff finds the most rewarding aspect is the unique combination of individual and team dynamics that swimming offers. “I love the fact that swimming is an individual and team sport. Your teammates depend on you to always try your best, but ultimately, when you finish your swim, you are the one who is responsible for how it turned out.”

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Seiloff emphasized the lasting bonds forged through swimming, noting, “I still have friends that I swam with in middle school and high school. We still love to talk about when we swam. I think swimming is a sport where you build bonds that last a lifetime.”

Reflecting on her partnership with assistant Coach Barker, Seiloff expressed admiration for their collaboration. “We do really well together. When he retired from teaching, I told him he couldn’t retire from coaching until I was ready to retire. So far, he has stuck with me,” she shared. Acknowledging the influence of other coaches on her career, she added, “I’ve had the privilege of being coached by and with some pretty amazing people, and Coach Barker is definitely one of them.”

Under Seiloff’s guidance, Green River has been one of the state’s best swimming programs. However, she humbly shared credit, stating, “First off, it’s not just me, it’s a whole bunch of people who have put in time and effort to build our swim programs.” She highlighted the importance of early involvement in swimming through programs like SWAT and middle school teams, as well as the crucial role parents play in supporting their children.

Looking ahead, Seiloff expressed her intention to coach for one or two more years, despite her family’s bets that it might be longer. “I still love it,” she affirmed.

As the season comes to a close, Seiloff had heartfelt words for her team, especially the graduating seniors. “It has been my privilege to coach this team and the senior group for four years. I am so proud of them,” she declared. To those not graduating, she encouraged continued dedication outside of the season. To the seniors, she conveyed her excitement for their future adventures. She concluded, “I hope you look back at your time on the team and smile and say you had fun.”