Trona Valley Federal Credit Union Gateway Branch Scheduled to Close November 1st

Trona Valley Federal Credit Union Gateway Branch Scheduled to Close November 1st

SWEETWATER COUNTY — According to Trona Valley Federal Credit Union the Gateway Branch location will be closing on November 1st. All employees and accounts will be transferred to the Foothill location.

The following is a statement by the Credit Union.

The Gateway branch is scheduled to close its doors on November 1, 2015. A business decision to close a branch is never an easy one. Trona Valley understands that a branch closure can send a mixed message to members, but providing the best member service at the lowest cost is something we constantly strive to provide to all our members. We continuously look to implement practices in order to maintain and enhance the exceptional services members have come to expect. Be assured that the closure of our Gateway branch will not affect accounts or our member service. All of Gateway’s employees will be relocated to the Foothill Branch. The Foothill Branch, located at 2640 Foothill Blvd., is available to members and the staff welcomes everyone.

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The demand for electronic services continues to increase. Trona Valley is committed to adopting technology our members expect and will continue to invest in convenient, secure online services. Remote check deposit is coming soon and offers yet another convenience to our members. Simply take a picture of a check and it’s deposited to your account. Members can also open new accounts online. These are just a few of the electronic features we will be providing to further enhance your member experience.

Some electronic services are new to members and different comfort levels of banking are recognized. Whether banking online or in person, Trona Valley is available to help its members—24/7. Trona Valley remains dedicated to providing its members with financial solutions and continues its tradition of quality, commitment and the best possible member service.