Trooper Who Started in Big Piney Calls it a Career

Trooper Who Started in Big Piney Calls it a Career

CHEYENNE – Wyoming Highway Patrolman Lt. Casey Goodman officially called it a career with the WHP Oct. 2. He started his career in 1985 in Big Piney.

WHP Lieutenant Casey Goodman was commissioned as a Patrolman on September, 1st 1985 and was initially assigned to Big Piney as his first duty station. In 1986 he was transferred to Sheridan as a motor carrier officer and served in that capacity until he took a division patrolman position in Division C in 1991.

Goodman was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and took over Division G supervisory duties in Worland in March of 1998. In December of 1999, all Division Sergeants were moved to Lieutenants.

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Lt. Goodman transferred back to Sheridan after 3 years to take over Division C and has remained there for the duration of his career as the division supervisor. Over his 30 year career, Goodman has helped capture bank robbers, rapists, car thieves, drug dealers and other assorted criminals.

One day while working speed time, he stopped a pickup truck going northbound. After bringing the driver back to the patrol car to issue a speeding citation, Goodman asked the driver how he was doing in friendly conversation. The driver broke down and asked if Goodman wanted to know the truth to which Goodman responded, “OK?”. The driver stated that he had just stolen the truck in Casper. Goodman then said, “Well, you’re under arrest then.” And the driver said “OK, I kind of figured that.”

Lt. Goodman officially retired from Patrol on October 2nd. His replacement, Lt. Erik Jorgensen, was promoted on September 9th and took over as the new area supervisor for Sheridan and Johnson Counties on September 12th.

Lt. Goodman’s 30 years of service for the Wyoming Highway Patrol and for the people of the State of Wyoming would have to be the proudest achievement of his professional career. Lt. Goodman would like to thank all those that he has served for and with for the many years of comradery and brotherhood as well as his family for their never ending support.