Truman Elementary Opens Little Free Library

Truman Elementary Opens Little Free Library

Students at Truman Elementary excitedly grabbed books to take home from the Free Library. SweetwaterNOW photos by Olivia Kennah

GREEN RIVER — Kids can check out books from the Little Free Library, as well as drop some off, at Truman Elementary School thanks to the efforts of a group of students and teachers.

A group of third graders in Truman Elementary’s Student Service Club were the ones who initiated the project idea and saw it through.

“This was a project that our service club started, designed, and came up with on their own,” Jaime Olson, third grade teacher at Truman said.

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Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that supports and promotes reading in communities. Jaime said that the third grade students read a book in class by the founder of Little Free Library, and the Service Club was inspired by it.

After reading this book, the Service Club wanted to bring a library stand to their own school. Aiden Mandros and Kaiden Olson were two of the third graders in the Service Club who worked on this project. At the time they were in the third grade and are now heading into fifth grade.

“We wanted to build something for the community,” Kaiden said.

The project took longer than expected due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, but they are excited to have it completed. One Truman teacher’s husband built the stand and Aiden’s family painted it. The Service Club hosted a book drive to help stock the stand.

“We’re so excited it’s finally done and we can finally get books out of it,” Jaime said.

Third grade teacher Shawna Mandros said another exciting aspect about the Little Free Library is that there are charter numbers for each stand. This means that if you go to the nonprofit’s website, there is a map that marks where all of the stands are located across the country.

“Now our little flag is on a map right here at Truman,” Shawna said.

Truman’s Little Free Library is on the map! It joins three other libraries in Green River. Google Maps photo

The kids attending summer school at Truman were excited to grab a book after the ribbon was cut, and kids throughout the community can start coming to check out the books as well. Just grab a book, take it home and read it, and return it so someone else can enjoy.

The purpose fo Little Free Library is to increase book availability in communities so all children can enjoy and participate in reading.

“A lot of kids don’t have the opportunity to read books, and now they can,” Aiden said.

The Little Free Library can be found outside the front doors at Truman Elementary.