United Steelworkers Negotiates Good Healthcare, Wages, & other Benefits

United Steelworkers Negotiates Good Healthcare, Wages, & other Benefits

Good health insurance for you and your family secured in a contract is just one of the advantages of being a United Steelworkers (USW) member.


“No matter what anyone says or promises, the only way to get assurances at work and to have a say at work is to negotiate and sign a union contract with the employer.”

Without a union contract like those negotiated by the USW, employees have to rely solely on what management decides. There is no way to deal with broken promises or unexpected changes to health insurance, wages or other things at work.

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Employees at Ciner mine in Green River will be voting next week on whether to have the USW represent them and have the ability to have a say in health care and other issues. With the United Steelworkers, Ciner employees get the full backing of its 1.2 million members and retirees, a world-class staff of health and safety experts, health benefits professionals, lawyers and others and much more.

“Over the years we’ve maintained some of the best medical coverage at the mines in Southwest Wyoming,” Kelso said, adding that the union has negotiated several options that to allow good healthcare to be affordable for every member, with family plans having limits of $1,000 deductibles and $3,000 out-of-pocket maximums.

There are other benefits secured by USW: “If our members are off on long-term disability they are eligible to return work upon being released by their physician with or without accommodations. We might be off for eight months, 18 months or over two years and our job is protected. You don’t find that kind of security in the non-union mines,” Kelso said.

Stability, safety, security– USW.
For more info, visit: usw.org/joinusw

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