University of Wyoming Athletics hosts leadership summit for student-tthletes, coaches and staff; 48 student-athletes and 28 coaches and athletics staff attend initial seminars


LARAMIE –  The University of Wyoming Athletics Department recently hosted a Leadership Summit for its student-athletes, coaches and athletic staff members.  The goal of introducing this new innovative program was to provide strategies and tools essential to developing leadership skills that will benefit both the individuals participating in the seminars, as well as those that they touch throughout their years in college and beyond.

Two sessions were held — one specifically for coaches and staff and one for a group of student-athletes identified as “emerging leaders” by their coaches and athletics department staff members.  A total of 48 UW student-athletes and 28 coaches and athletics staff members attended the seminars.

The focus of the leadership skills being taught is to maximize learning, retention and application of those skills for the student-athletes, and offering leadership techniques and strategies to coaches and staff that can be implemented in their roles as leaders.

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Nationally-recognized speaker Jeff Janssen, who is the principal in Janssen Sports Leadership Center, spoke to both groups.  Janssen has presented to over 200 schools across the country, including Boston College, Michigan, North Carolina, Notre Dame and Stanford.

“Our leadership program, called the SADDLE Program, is in full-swing this fall, with a great deal of planning haven taken place this summer,” said Julie Manning, UW Senior Associate Athletics Director for Sport Administration and Senior Woman Administrator.  “Our student-athletes’ total experience will include personal development, service leadership, networking and engagement skill development opportunities.

“Having a world-renowned presenter on leadership, in Jeff Janssen, working with our student-athletes and coaches speaks volumes about the vision and commitment that our administration has to providing our student-athletes with as complete a learning experience as possible while they are at the University of Wyoming.” 

The University of Wyoming SADDLE Cup Program stands for Student-Athletes Dedicated to the Development of Leadership and Engagement.  Each of Wyoming’s student-athletes may earn points for their sport team during the year through involvement in: academic activities and community service activities.  The sport team with the most points at the conclusion of the academic year is named the SADDLE Cup winner.

The individuals who either attended the initial Leadership Summit or are a part of the “emerging leaders” group are listed below


Emerging Leaders (Listed by Sport Program)

Marleah Campbell               Women’s Basketball

Bailee Cotton                        Women’s Basketball

Marquelle Dent                    Women’s Basketball

Liv Roberts                            Women’s Basketball

Josh Adams                           Men’s Basketball

Jack Bentz                              Men’s Basketball

Derek Cooke Jr.                    Men’s Basketball

Riley Grabau                          Men’s Basketball

Charles Hankerson Jr.         Men’s Basketball

Alan Herndon                       Men’s Basketball

Jason McManamen             Men’s Basketball

Larry Nance Jr.                     Men’s Basketball

Matt Sellers                            Men’s Basketball

Trey Washington III             Men’s Basketball

Chase Appleby                       Football

Tanner Gentry                       Football

Nathan Leddige                    Football

Jake Maulhardt                     Football

D.J. May                                 Football

Lucas Wacha                          Football

Shaun Wick                            Football

Eddie Yarbrough                   Football

Taylor Dorans                        Women’s Golf

Kathleen Kershisnik             Women’s Golf

Ryan Wallen                           Men’s Golf

Glenn Workman                     Men’s Golf

Alisha Bass                               Soccer

Brooklyn Chambers                Soccer

Kasey Curtis                             Soccer

Sammi Dunda                          Soccer

Katie Marcheso                        Soccer

Mandy Meyer                           Soccer

Claire Parker                            Soccer

Laurel Ramer                           Soccer

Georgia Rowntree                   Soccer

Kari Campbell                          Swimming & Diving

Molly Coonce                           Swimming & Diving

Patrick Jones                           Swimming & Diving

Lauren McClure                      Swimming & Diving

Ryan Nelson                             Swimming & Diving

Kyle Scalise                               Swimming & Diving

Emily Stucky                            Swimming & Diving

Alma Espinosa                         Tennis

Jessica Parizher                       Tennis

Silviya Zhelyazkova                 Tennis

McKenzie Brogan                    Track & Field

Scott Carter                              Track & Field

Jordan Charles                        Track & Field

Aaron Derner                           Track & Field

Audra DeStefano                     Track & Field

Dylan Morin                             Track & Field

Kim Robertson                        Track & Field

Mikalah Skates                        Track & Field

Kyle Sullivan                            Track & Field

Kereston Thomas                   Track & Field

Damon Unland                       Track & Field

Ali Walker                                Track & Field

Courtney Chacon                    Volleyball

Bridget Shanahan                   Volleyball

P.T. Garcia                               Wrestling

Cole Mendenhall                    Wrestling

Luke Paine                               Wrestling

Benjamin Stroh                       Wrestling


Coaches and Staff (Listed by Sport Program/Department)

Athletic Department Staff

Matt Whisenant    Deputy Director of Athletics

Julie Manning       Senior Associate Athletics Director & SWA

Joi Thomas            Associate Director of Sports Medicine

Steven Cox             Academic Coordinator

Women’s Basketball

Joe Legerski            Head Coach

Gerald Mattinson   Associate Head Coach

Mike Petrino            Assistant Coach

Men’s Basketball

Larry Shyatt            Head Coach

Scott Duncan          Associate Head Coach

Allen Edwards        Assistant Coach

Men’s & Women’s Golf

Joe Jensen               Director of Golf and Head Men’s Coach

Josey Stender          Asst. Director of Golf & Head Women’s Coach


Pete Cuadrado        Head Coach

Mark Hiemenz        Assistant Coach

Lauren Eberts          Director of Operations

Swimming & Diving

Tom Johnson           Head Coach

Matt Leach               Associate Head Coach

Kirk Ermels              Assistant Coach

Caitlin Hamilton     Assistant Coach

Yahya Radman        Diving Coach


Ewa Szatkowska     Director of UW Tennis Complex

Track & Field

Bryan Berryhill         Head Coach

Amanda Clower       Assistant Coach

Joe Stephens            Assistant Coach


Kristin Belzung        Assistant Coach

Liz Shuyler               Director of Operations


Mark Branch           Head Coach

Ethan Kyle               Assistant Coach