URA Announces Volunteer of the Month: The Ranger Family


ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency recognizes the importance of volunteerism in our youth. “Now is a great time to get our youth involved in serving others,” Trina Brittain, Marketing Events Coordinator pointed out. “It also opens their eyes,” she included. “They can eventually find what their talents are and what they’re passionate about.” 

The agency is pleased to announce Tamara, Cameron, Cadence and Caitlyn Ranger as the volunteers of the month for August.

Tamara, a Colorado native, resides in Rock Springs with her husband, Chad and their three children, Cameron, Cadence and Caitlyn. She is a cashier/server for Bi-Rite/Sweet Sage/Remedies Grill.

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At a moment’s notice, Tamara was willing to help the organization and the Young and Professionals (YAP) at the annual Blues and Brews by hauling tables and chairs back to The Broadway Theater in her own truck.

“Through volunteering, I’m hoping my children will learn respect for others,” Tamera expressed.  

Her son and two daughters were stage hands for the David Archuletta concert and volunteered during the Blues and Brews event.

Cameron, a Rock Springs High School freshman said, “I felt excited to volunteer. It was an all-around good time and I’d do it again!” 

When Councilman Tim Savage arrived to relieve him and his friend, Leo Vargas during the Blues and Brews, the young men insisted on staying since they were having an enjoyable time. 

Cameron’s twin sister, Caitlyn is planning to add volunteerism on to her resume. 

“I’m hoping my chances of receiving good recommendations for scholarships will increase by volunteering,” she said. “College is expensive.” 

Cadence, a Rock Springs High School Sophomore hopes that more people their age will be interested in volunteering. 

“Just get out there and sign up for those opportunities,” she advised. “You’ll learn a lot from it.”

Cadence added, “I met all kinds of interesting people in Downtown.” 

The Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency is charged with the redevelopment of Downtown Rock Springs.  As part of their mission, there are three standing committees –Promotions, Business Development, and Arts & Culture.  For more information on the program, contact the Rock Springs Main Street/URA at 307-352-1434 or visit their website at DowntownRS.com