UW Considers Tuition Hike for In-State, Decrease for Out-of-State

UW Considers Tuition Hike for In-State, Decrease for Out-of-State

LARAMIE — The University of Wyoming is seeking public comment on recommendations regarding student tuition for the 2018-19 academic year.

The UW Board of Trustees is being asked to consider a 4% increase in tuition for in-state undergraduates, presently $3,870 per academic year; resident graduate students, presently $4,518; and nonresident graduate students, $13,500.

To see details on the proposed increases for in-state students, go to the University of Wyoming website here.

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The proposal is in line with the board’s current four-year tuition policy.

Adopted in 2015, the policy may be found at the University of Wyoming website here.

Recommendations to Consider

Additionally, the board will consider recommendations aimed at helping the university increase enrollment in accordance with its strategic plan.

Huron Consulting Group has found that UW has sufficient space to accommodate 1,000-1,400 more students — the strategic plan calls for an approximately 1,100-student increase, to 13,500, by 2022.

As presented to the Board of Trustees recently, the recommendations from Huron include:

  • Reducing annual undergraduate out-of-state tuition from $15,480 at present to $9,500. Taking into account scholarships and other discounts, the current average net tuition for nonresident undergraduates is $10,600.
  • Implementing a block tuition pricing structure that allows undergraduates to take 12-18 credits per semester at the same price.
  • Gradually increasing in-state tuition for online courses for Wyoming residents to $200 per credit-hour, while reducing out-of-state tuition for online courses — from $541 per credit at present to $319 for undergraduates, and from $775 per credit at present to $325 for graduate students.

Read the Report

The recommendations, along with the rationale for the proposed changes, are detailed in a report presented to the Board of Trustees, which can be found here.

The recommendations regarding nonresident tuition are on page 66, block tuition on page 67 and online tuition pricing on page 69.

All of the figures above include tuition only, and not mandatory fees. At the graduate level, students in pharmacy, law and the Master of Business Administration Program pay differential tuition levels.

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How to Submit a Comment

Those wishing to provide written comments on the recommendations may do so by going online here.

The deadline for written comments is noon Monday, Feb. 12, so that they can be presented to the Board of Trustees before its Feb. 14 teleconference meeting.

Those wishing to address the Board of Trustees directly during the Feb. 14 meeting may join the meeting via telephone or Zoom videoconference at 8:30 a.m.

To make arrangements to speak during that meeting, email uwpres@uwyo.edu by noon Monday, Feb. 12, with your name and phone number.

The board has indicated it may consider action on the recommendations during its March 21-23 meeting.

The recommendations would have to be approved by the Board of Trustees before taking effect.