UW Releases Provost’s Honor Rolls For Sweetwater, Uinta Counties


LARAMIE — The University of Wyoming has listed 20 students from Sweetwater County and seven students from Uinta County on the 2019 fall semester Provost’s Honor Roll.

The Provost’s Honor Roll consists of undergraduates who have completed at least six, but fewer than 12 hours with a minimum 3.5 GPA for the semester.

For more information about the University of Wyoming, visit www.uwyo.edu.

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Students are:

Green River          
Christopher L. Byrd
Tiffany Frey
Autumn Brooke Holmes
Mariah Lucero
Sydnee G. Sanchez

Rock Springs         
Chad Eugene Baker
Jennifer D. Chick
Kailyne L. Dickinson
Austin Carter Egbert
Samantha A. Enokson
Mary R. Ferguson
Sarah R. Grimm
Karina Kachnowski
Zachary Gene Legerski
Joyce K. Lew
Megan D. Quinn
Autumn R. Rosenau
Taylor M. Tygum
Valerie Ann Vasquez
Ashley M. Willoughby

Sondra Billman
Chase A. Cook
Teresa A. Hawkins
Byron McGuire
Kevin West

Collin Mitchell Koch

Mountain View        
Savannah Forbes McCracken