VDMA: ‘The Word of the Lord Remains Forever’

VDMA: ‘The Word of the Lord Remains Forever’

The word of the Lord endures forever. ~1 Peter 1:25

Dear People of God,

The verse above from 1 Peter is where we get the famous letters VDMA. It is the acronym for the famous Reformation slogan in Latin–Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum (“the word of the Lord remains forever”).

VDMA is in fact an immensely encouraging theme. It invites us to ponder what is the Word and what does that Word mean for our lives. From the first chapter of the Gospel of John we learn that the Word was both with God and was God. And, we as Christians understand this Word to be Jesus the Christ.

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This Word is distinct from creation, for he is creator, and has a voice that is other than our own. Everything else on earth and in heaven will pass away, but the Word of the Lord will always stand. And so, this is our great comfort.

For the Word is the one true thing that we can depend on. Not people, not things, not institutions, not even our own selves, but the Word—which is God’s promise of unmerited favor to us in Jesus Christ. 

It is so very important that we remember the Word is not us. As a preacher I am tasked to proclaim the Word. Not my own. And, in fact, you don’t want my own word. My word will fail. Nor do you want the word of bishops or the churches. These will also fail you. Not even do you want your own word. For the human heart is deceptive and misleading even to the person who possesses it.

Rather, you want God’s Word to lay claim over your life. For it is the only sure and certain Word. Christ, the Word, is the only Word of Life.

When our friends, family, and churches fail us we can be confident that God has not abandoned us, and that he will rescue us from all our trials and temptations.

That’s why it is so important that we stick to God’s Word and not our own words. Our own words will lead us way from the life that God wants us to have. They will lead us way from the God we can only know in Jesus the Christ.

In Christ we have the forgiveness of sins, reconciliation, and all our hope in the midst of darkness. 

1 Peter tells us that everything else fades. The grass and flowers will wither and fall; but, the Word of the Lord endures forever. God has bound himself to this Word, and keeps his promises.

His Word overflows and shines color to our black-and-white world. May God keep us faithful to his Word, and keep out all other words.

May God hold us firm as we face every trouble of our lives. And, in fact, that is what he does.


Peace and joy
Pastor Levi Powers
Mount of Olives Lutheran Church
Rock Springs, WY