VIDEO: My Gentle Giant

VIDEO: My Gentle Giant

The Powder River Basin Resource Council, in partnership with researchers at the University of Wyoming Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources, has unveiled Wyoming Voices, a pilot project looking at how storytelling may support communities in transition.

Through this process, eight participants from Southwest Wyoming told their personal stories of loving and living in the region.

One of those willing to share her experience was Susan Hunzie of Diamondville who has deep roots in the community and the local United Mine Workers Association chapter. She is a retired public health professional and has served as the mayor of Diamondville. She is married with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

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In the video, Hunzie talks about her grandfather’s days in the coal mines and how the coal industry and their way of life is going away.

Here’s her story. Video courtesy of Powder River Basin Resource Council Wyoming Voices Project. More videos can be found on Powder River’s YouTube Channel.