WATCH: Safe2Tell Wyoming Releases Video to Help Students Learn Stress Relief Skills

WATCH: Safe2Tell Wyoming Releases Video to Help Students Learn Stress Relief Skills

Safe2Tell Wyoming announced the release of a new video geared toward students dealing with anxiety. The video was created in partnership with Cheyenne Regional Health System and The Narrator Group.

This video aims to educate students about the Grounding Technique which can be a useful technique if students ever feel overwhelmed, anxious, or dissociated from their environment. The Grounding Technique is a common sensory awareness exercise that can be helpful to relax or get through difficult moments. “Though this technique is not a permanent fix, we believe students can use this as a tool to get through difficult and stressful situations,” said Samantha Kanish, the Safe2Tell Wyoming Public Relations Specialist. “We still recommend students reach out to a trusted adult, school counselor, or a mental health professional.”

Safe2Tell Wyoming has seen increasing reports on suicide threats, self-harm, and depression among students. So far in the 2019-2020 school year, Safe2 Tell has received 218 tips on suicide threats, 87 regarding self-harm, and 44 on depression.

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Hillary Hardy, Marketing Director, Cheyenne Regional Health System commented, “When our marketing team was approached about creating a video that was aimed at providing children with an effective and easy-to-follow technique to reduce stress and anxiety – we knew we wanted to take part and we were honored at the opportunity. It was important to my team that we gave them a tool they’d actually use. To do that we had to take our idea to the next level and so we synced up with The Narrator Group. They created the original song and animation, while making sure that the goal of our finished product was attention-grabbing and humorous – the absolute opposite of boring. Children are a tough demographic – they know exactly what they like. We anticipate when children watch this video there will be lots of giggling, smiles, and smirks – and maybe some denial that they enjoyed the song (and we are okay with that too). We also anticipate that when they leave their classrooms this song will be stuck in their heads.”

The release of this video comes at an appropriate time as many schools have closed and students are faced with a change in their daily routine and increasing uncertainty as to when their lives will return to normal. According to Safe2Tell Wyoming Program Manager, Bill Morse, “While students may have mental struggles anytime during the year, many students may have increased difficulties during this time of uncertainty around COVID-19. Hopefully, this video will provide a resource as they try to cope with the issues surrounding this pandemic and the change in learning and social structure of America. “

The video can be viewed on the Safe2Tell Wyoming website as well as on the Cheyenne Regional Health System’s YouTube Channel.


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