Water Rates to Slightly Increase

Water Rates to Slightly Increase

ROCK SPRINGS — Due to economic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic and decreased revenues, the Joint Powers Water Board (JPWB) is increasing water rates for fiscal year 2022 by 8 cents.

During the Rock Springs City Council meeting Tuesday evening at 7 pm at City Hall, the Council will review a letter from the JPWB explaining the need for the rate increase. The rate increase will start on July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022.

According to the letter provided in the Council packet, “You will see that the water usage charges have been increased by 8 cents per CCF (hundred cubic feet.)”

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To put this into perspective, the letter goes on to state that as an example the average household typically uses 10.1 CCF during low-demand periods and 29.4 during high demand. “This 8-cent increase will equate to an increased cost of 81 cents and $2.35 per month, respectively.”

The letter also lists the reasons why the JPWB has come to the decision to raise rates.

  • The COVID-19 economic impact has resulted in significantly lower interest income on the JPWB’s investments. This loss of revenue must be made up in water sales, which accounts for 3 cents of the increase.
  • During a recent JPWB meeting, the board discussed revenues associated with surcharge monies received annually. Ultimately, the board decided to transfer these funds into a capital improvement/replacement account. This change in the flow of funds accounts for about 3 cents of the increase.
  • The JPWB choose to increase the use of reserve monies and increase rates by 2 cents to cover the increase in recurring costs.

To read the entire rate increase documents, see below.

Other Business

The Council will also review an agreement between the city of Rock Springs and DeBernardi Construction Company, Inc. for the Bitter Creek Restoration—Segment 1 Project, in the amount of $5,040,192.90.

Under presentations, the Council is scheduled to hear a suicide prevention update from Shelby Gordon and Delaney Wells of the Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition.

To review the complete Council packet, click here.