Wells Fargo ATM on Uinta Drive to Stay Open Despite Bank Closure

Wells Fargo ATM on Uinta Drive to Stay Open Despite Bank Closure

GREEN RIVER — Wells Fargo announced earlier this week that it will be closing the Green River branch on September 30, however, they will not be removing the ATM on Uinta Drive, according to Julie Fogerson, Wells Fargo media contact for Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

“We do not have plans to remove the ATM on Uinta, and we value our customers and will keep them informed of any changes that may impact everyday banking,” Fogerson said.

She added that the closing of the Green River branch is a tough decision that was made based on a number of factors, including the number of customers who have moved to online banking for the majority of their needs.

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“This is not an easy decision or one that we take lightly. We continually evaluate our branch network and make adjustments based on customer use, market factors, economic trends and competitor actions. This process leads to both expansion and consolidations,” Fogerson said.

“While branches continue to be important in serving our customers’ needs, we’re finding that more customers are often using our wide range of digital capabilities for many of their banking needs. As a result, more transactions are happening outside of the branch,” she said.