Western Board Hears Positive Business Enrollment, GPA Reports

Western Board Hears Positive Business Enrollment, GPA Reports

ROCK SPRINGS — In contrast to some of the more robust discussions of recent gatherings, the Western Wyoming Community College Board of Trustees November 10 meeting was a far more sedate event, with no real disagreements or controversies.

Representing the School of Business and Computer Technology, Instructor Beth Gard as part of her School’s Annual Report stated that for purposes of convenience and flexibility the Computer Science Department would be doing course sharing with Sheridan College. Gard added that the Communications Department at present was heavily dependent upon adjunct faculty, with a lack of in-person offerings.

Currently, the four-department enrollment for Business and Computer Technology stands at 308 students, compared to an enrollment of 290 students in 2020, Gard said.

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Board members took no action at the meeting following Gard’s report.

Dr. Cliff Wittstrtuck, Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs reported that transferring community college students in Wyoming averaged a 3.06 grade point average, barely below the 3.07 GPA of University of Wyoming students who started at the Laramie campus as incoming freshmen.

Wittstruck said that “we should be very, very proud” of the way that transferring community college students compare with U-W students at the same level.

Minor changes in some policies

Board members unanimously approved, without extensive discussion, a few changes in the wording or application of some Western policies.

Among the approved changes, for impacted staff, personal leave must be added to the list of leave types that will need to be exhausted before Sick Leave Bank days can be requested.

Board members approved a change in the student discipline policy, creating two separate procedures, one for academic disciplinary measures, particularly academic dishonesty, and another procedure for disciplinary measures relating to non-academic violations.

Student Due Process procedures, approved by the Board, involve creating separate procedures for academic-related grievances or appeals and non-academic grievances or appeals.

The proposed changes in student discipline and due process procedures were presented to the Board by Dr. Dustin Conover, Dean of Students.

The next Western Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for December 8, 2022.