Western Celebrates 2019 Outstanding and Distinguished Graduates

Western Celebrates 2019 Outstanding and Distinguished Graduates

Kyra Seppie (left) studied Interdisciplinary Study between Communication and Spanish, and plans to transfer to the University of Wyoming to major in Communication with a minor in Sustainability. Rose Klein (right) studied Art at Western and is undecided about which four-year university to attend. Her artwork can be seen at the First Security Bank in Downtown Rock Springs.

ROCK SPRINGS– Western Wyoming Community College is proud of all their 2019 graduates. Commencement was May 17.

Outstanding Graduates

The 2019 outstanding graduates are Kyra Seppie and Rose Klein.

Kyra Seppie

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Seppie earned an Associate’s of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Study between Communication and Spanish and will transfer to the University of Wyoming in the fall to major in Communication with a minor in Sustainability. Her career goal is to be an environmental journalist or public relations representative for nonprofit organizations.

“My education at Western has been extraordinary. I’ve had amazing professors who have gone above and beyond to help me get the most out of my education. During my time at Western, I’ve had wonderful opportunities to further my education outside of the classroom through club activities and Honors Program projects,” Seppie said.

“The classes I’ve taken here at Western have prepared me for my transfer to the University of Wyoming. Overall, my time here at Western has made me a better student, leader, and person.”

Rose Klein

Klein earned an Art Degree and plans to “relentlessly make art for the community and anyone who needs it”. She is undecided about her future but is looking at potentially attending Arizona State University.

“Western has given me valuable opportunities to achieve my calling in Art. From learning how to manage time, juggle relationships, and intentionally seek out learning opportunities, I have discovered that Western will enable you to shape yourself into a well-rounded individual, capable of achieving more than one could expect for themselves,” Klein said.

“I’ve learned how to turn any experience into a means of finding the art in the world around me, and how I can translate that with my own personal creativity. I could not have made it to the place I am today without the Lord. He led me to Western, and He helped me finish these two years despite the things that threatened to end my education,” stated Klein.

Distinguished Graduates

Richard Ackerman, Sean Anderson, Erick Arellano, Brandon Britt, Merrily Calkins, Lacey Carpenter, Samuel Claucherty, Sara Deist, Kyla Ditges, Alondra Duran, Randy Green, John Harris, Jacksun Hayashida, Natalie Heiner, Jared Jensen, Summer Keeley, Andrea Kirk, Britany Kirkwood, Gabriel Kofidza, Kyla Koppenhafer, Christen Lester, Joanna Lopez, Tanner Mahaffey, KayCee Manning, Savannah McCauley, William Owens, Angela Phelan, Cameron Potter, Kaitlyn Pryor, Shawn Reed, Micah Roper, Taylor Seilbach, Kyra Seppie, Savannah Sharp, Casandra Shipp, Laura Stewart, Shannon Thomas, Wesley Thomas, Stephanie Webster, Nichole Wilde, Abby Williams, Beatrice Wilson, Rachel Winward.

For more information on Western, visit www.westernwyoming.edu.