Western Ranked No. 1 by Affordable Schools Website

Western Ranked No. 1 by Affordable Schools Website

ROCK SPRINGS — Western Wyoming Community College was ranked the No. 1 most affordable school in Wyoming and most affordable college for an Associate’s Degree by Affordable Schools website.

Affordable Schools considers multiple factors in their methodology for determining ranking:

  • Student faculty ratio is considered. Western has small class sizes with a 13:1 ratio. Western’s faculty are known for their dedication to their students.
  • Graduation rates are key in determining ranking. Although not always true, most students who are satisfied with their studies are likely to remain enrolled and graduate with a degree. High graduation rates often indicate a solid academic experience. Western’s graduation rate is 45% which is considerably higher than the national average.
  • Affordable Schools also looks at the cost of attendance. While cost is a major decision-making factor for any student, it is important to consider the quality of education you’re receiving for the price. Western is an award-winning institution, consistently ranked in the top three – even at national levels.

“With national debt in the trillions, Western is a high-quality and affordable solution. Whether students are looking to transfer, graduate with an associate’s degree, or certificate, students are accomplishing their goals without breaking the bank,” stated Kimberly Emerson, Director of Student Marketing and Communications at Western.

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Check out the top ten reasons to attend Western. For more information on this award, contact Audrey Harton, Public Relations Specialist aharton@westernwyoming.edu. For more information on application to Western and financial aid, contact Mustang Central at mustangcentral@westernwyoming.edu.