Western Relaxes Mask Mandate through End of Semester

Western Relaxes Mask Mandate through End of Semester

ROCK SPRINGS — Western Wyoming Community College (Western) mask mandate underwent some revisions during Tuesday night’s Board of Trustees meeting.

Students, staff and visitors will now only be required to mask up in certain areas of the college when social distancing is not possible. This includes areas like classrooms, small office spaces, laboratories and the theatre.

The Board approved the new COVID-19 protocols in a 4-2 vote.

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“After seeking updated feedback from students and employees, as well as membership of the COVID-19 task force, there is no college consensus on how to best move forward,” Western President Dr. Kim Dale said. “It is my opinion, as the College President, that it is time to relax the mask mandate and see how well individuals do with keeping themselves and others safe from the COVID-19 virus.”

Here’s a breakdown of the new protocols:

“Face coverings are required for the following spaces when social distancing cannot occur:

  1. Classrooms, including laboratories and clinicals;
  2. College vehicles;
  3. Small office spaces;
  4. Theatre events and performances.
  5. The Children’s Center staff, if they are not fully vaccinated.

Face coverings are strongly recommended for all other areas where social distancing cannot occur. We continue to support vaccination, regular and ongoing testing and isolation when symptoms or exposure occur.”

Dean of Students Dr. Dustin Conover said that since August, the college has had no more than 11 positive COVID-19 cases at a time on campus.

“I think our students and employees are doing a good job,” Dr. Dale said.

The revised mask mandate will be reviewed in January during the Board’s monthly meeting.