WG&F Newsletter Discusses Green River Mountain Lion Sightings

Mountain lion tracks versus cottontail tracks.

GREEN RIVER — The Wyoming Game and Fish Green River regional newsletter is out and it contains some observations by staff about the recent mountain lion sightings in Green River.

The following is a portion of the newsletter:

GR Office Manager Regina Dickson had to ponder two phone calls on December 26, 2017, within an hour of each other regarding mysterious animal tracks following deer through residential neighborhoods in Green River and Kemmerer.

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“Both reporting parties initially suspected mountain lions, but the tracks in both cases turned out to be canine,” Dickson said. “A few days later, another call came in from a Green River resident regarding tracks ‘like they had never seen before’ and concern due to the rumors of mountain lions in the area.

Warden Rob Shipe responded promptly to the call and immediately identified the tracks as those of a cottontail rabbit, much to the relief of the resident.

“While the phone was ringing off the hook with curious callers checking out tracks in the snow, the foot traffic in the office was atypical of Decembers past,” Dickson said. “

With watercraft registration fees increasing January 1, 2018, Sheila and I saw many boaters looking ahead to summer, with money savings in mind. Compared to December 2016, in which the Green River Office processed a total of 30 watercraft registrations, 2017’s total more than doubled that figure with a total of 73 watercraft registrations processed in the month of December alone.