What are the Rules About Wearing Fluorescent Pink While Hunting?


CHEYENNE– There is a new Wyoming law that lets hunters choose to wear either fluorescent pink or fluorescent orange clothing while hunting.

When and How to Wear Fluorescent Pink or Orange

The requirements on when and how to wear fluorescent pink or fluorescent orange are:

Big game and trophy game hunters, except those hunting during the special archery season, are required to wear one exterior garment of fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink in a visible manner. This means a hat, shirt, jacket, coat, vest or sweater.

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Fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink camouflage is legal.

If a hunter wishes to wear more than one fluorescent exterior garment while in the field, they can wear both fluorescent orange and fluorescent pink.

Pheasant hunters in certain locations and wild bison hunters are also required to wear fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink.

Also, any archer who is hunting during the regular season must wear one of these fluorescent colors as well.

Not sure what fluorescent pink looks like? Pantone 806C, shown below, represents a good standard.