WHP Academy Class 89 Ready to Hit the Highway

WHP Academy Class 89 Ready to Hit the Highway

CHEYENNE – It takes a special person to become a Wyoming State Trooper. They have to be willing to give much more then they will ever get back. They have to be committed to serve and protect all people in Wyoming with courtesy, professionalism and integrity. The newest troopers are up to the challenge.

The Trooper Basic Academy has concluded and the members of the academy commissioned Nov. 5 where they took their oaths of office and transitioned from their “recruit” badges to their official badges in front of family and friends. The ceremony at the Wyoming Supreme Court building marked the 89th graduated Wyoming Highway Patrol academy class.

These troopers recently completed an intensive training period up to 28 weeks of instruction. During the Trooper Basic Academy, they took a variety of classes including firearms, commercial carrier training, physical training, Radar/LIDAR use, emergency vehicle operation, custody and control, crash investigation and others.

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These seven Troopers will now enter the field training process at their home duty stations. To learn more about Class 89, visit WHP Home Page


Please join us in congratulating Wyoming Highway Patrol Academy Class #89.

Austin Bluemel, Badge 131, Duty Station – Lyman.
Momen Elazizi, Badge 147, Duty Station – Cheyenne.
Leo Ferguson, Badge 155, Duty Station – Laramie.
Talia Fowler, Badge 164, Duty Station – Gillette.
Giovanni Ortiz, Badge 111, Duty Station – Douglas.
Aren Peter, Badge 166, Duty Station – Laramie.
William “Elliott” Vandenberg, Badge 157, Duty Station – Worland.

• Colonel’s Leadership Award Recipient: Trooper Leo Ferguson
• Top Academic Award: Trooper Talia Fowler
• Top Fitness Award: Trooper William “Elliot” Vandenberg
• Top Firearms Student: Trooper Talia Fowler
• Most Improved Fitness Award: Trooper Leo Ferguson