WHP Reporting Success from Interstate Safety Initiative

WHP Reporting Success from Interstate Safety Initiative

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming Highway Patrol is reporting intrastate success from the I-80 / I-35 safety initiative that took place August 28th through the 30th. Zero fatal crashes were investigated in Wyoming during the campaign on Interstate 80.

WHP Troopers stayed busy on I-80 over the weekend issuing 195 speeding citations, 112 traffic citations, 22 seat belt tickets and 169 warnings. Seven drug arrests and two impaired driving arrests were also made during the event. Troopers conducted commercial truck inspections and oversize vehicle escorts as well.

Interstate 80 did experience 22 different injury or property damage crashes in Wyoming over the three days.

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Nationwide statistics from the event have yet to be compiled.

The efforts by the troopers who worked the initiative is not the only credit due to Wyoming’s lack of fatal crashes on I-80 during the campaign. Motorists making good decisions and practicing good driving habits was also very imperative in the lack of fatal crashes.

As the initiative has concluded, we would like to remind everyone that highway traffic safety takes teamwork and involves everyone. This includes motorists, law enforcement and WYDOT working together to keep our highways fatal free.

Wyoming has already eclipsed 100 highway traffic fatalities statewide this year. Let’s all do our part to keep our roads in the Cowboy State safe. Designate a sober driver, put the devices and distractions away, obey traffic laws and always buckle up.

Remember, zero fatalities is something we can all live with. Drive safe Wyoming!