#WHYoming: Lisa Maes


Welcome to our series, #WHYoming, brought to you in partnership by Kaumo Law.

We are highlighting people from around our communities and asking them a few questions. We want to learn a little about them and see why they chose this great state to raise their families, start their businesses, or simply to ask — Why Wyoming?

This week, I had a chance to sit down with Green River City Council Person Lisa Maes.

Honorable Judge Jason Petri, Mayor Pete Rust, Gary Killpack, Tom Murphy, Lisa Maes, Robert Berg, and Allan Wilson. Absent Ted Barney.

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Lisa, how did you end up in Green River?

My family and I moved to Green River in 1978.  I was born and raised n Ely, Nevada. Kennecott Copper was the industry of the county and my husband at that time worked there. Going through several lay offs, we finally decided to look for work elsewhere.

We had some relatives that already lived here and worked at the mines. The choice came down to either working 100 miles east of Death Valley or Green River. Green River was an easy choice as I had no desire to live in a place that had a population of 100 people, and got up to 120 degrees in the Summer.


What is something unique about you?

I have always had a tendency to think outside the box; to come up with creative ideas and have the vision to execute them.

When I worked for the City of Green River, I ran the annual Haunted House and also started the Crystal Classic and the Kite Festival. That was a job that I truly loved and fit me to a tee.


What do you appreciate most about our community?

There are quite a few things to appreciate about the community. I love our sunrises and sunsets. They are usually very beautiful. The wide open spaces and small amounts of traffic.

But I do believe the people here are a great resource; very friendly and always willing to help out in many ways. Those are the same comments I would hear from travelers and event attendees.

Green River is the oasis in the High Desert,”

~ Lisa Maes


If you could give one brief piece of advice, what would it be?

What my dad always taught me; to live by the golden rule. Treat others how you would like to be treated. I believe in good old fashioned manners and respect.

~ Lisa Maes

Where is your favorite place to hang out in Sweetwater County?

I would have to say the the Expedition Island is one of my favorite places; so full of history. It accommodates many of our community events and at lunchtime, for me, is a nice calming and peaceful stop.

Would you rather walk, ride a bike, take a horse or drive a car?

I would rather ride my motorcycle.


What would you sing at karaoke night?

Forever Young by Rod Stewart. This is a great song and really says amazing things about how we raise our children.

Also, Yesterday – the Beatles were and still are a major force in music. I grew up listening to some of the best Rock and Roll in the late 60’s and 70’s.


How would your friends describe you?

Happy go lucky, friendly and generous.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Of course my kids and family. I was blessed with a handsome son who has grown into a caring, loving and hard working man. My daughter also grew up and became a beautiful, ingenious and very loving woman.

But, I did plan and plot out my back yard landscaping. With a lot of hard work, help from some good friends -and four years in the making, I finally finished my beautiful back yard.

Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?

Probably Saundra Bullock. She is down to earth, loves her family and I think could identify with me.


Why do you continue to live in Wyoming?

Wyoming is a beautiful state that continues to be unique in the fact that it is the least populated in the United States. The people are also a precious commodity in their friendliness and welcoming attitude.

Wyoming was a great opportunity for my family and especially myself. My first job was teaching swimming lessons at Monroe pool. My co-workers, Mary Zupence, Joyce Davis Patterson, Vicky Roth, Randy Walker just to name a few and boss Jimmy Davis Sr. were fabulous people and pillars of our community. I will never forget my time at this job and the other opportunities afforded me.

I worked for the City of Rock Springs as Pool Manager at the Civic Center for 6 years and then worked for the City of Green River for 23 years as a Program/Aquatic specialist, ending with being a Recreation Supervisor running special events and tournaments.

I also was able to be the Youth Minister for Immaculate Conception Church for five years, here in Green River. What a blessing. I hope I served the youth well. I know I received just as much from the young people as I gave.

I retired in 2008 from the City and was encouraged to run for City Council. Again, I can’t say enough about the support I’ve received from the citizens of this community. I’m so grateful and humbled for all of the opportunities given to me here in Green River.

I currently work for Flaming Gorge Harley-Davidson. Again, I love the people and customers. We see bikers from all over the world. I’m happy that this business really makes Green River a destination point.  The compliments on our area are constant, especially the wide open highways.

Both of my children grew up here and enjoyed our excellent schools and fabulous recreation programs usually not available in larger populations. They have their own families and grandchildren, but even though one moved away, they both have manners, great work ethics and are very caring individuals.  Growing up in this small caring community helped shape them into good citizens and responsible adults.

I truly feel blessed to be lucky enough to live in such a wonderful community,”

~ Lisa Maes




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