#WHYoming: Paul Stevens


Welcome to SweetwaterNOW’s series, #WHYoming.

We are highlighting people from around our communities and asking them a few questions. We want to learn a little about them and see why they chose this great state to raise their families, start their businesses, or simply to ask — Why Wyoming?

This week I sat down with Paul Stevens who lives in Green River. Paul’s life has Wyoming written all over it. He left for a while to go to college and work, but the Wyoming in him called him back and he hasn’t left since.

Paul, how did you end up in Green River?

I was born and raised in Rock Springs. I left briefly to go to college and then worked in Salt Lake for four years after college. I returned to Wyoming in 1981 and settled down in Pinedale where I owned and operated a business for 20 years. We moved to Green River in 2004 from Pinedale.


What is something unique about you?

I am an avid outdoorsman. I hunt, fish and run a string of pack horses. I bought my first horse in 1982. I have three now. One for my wife Nancy, one for me and a pack horse. I also love to cook.


Something I have always lived by is live hard and live adventurously. And, keep your family really close to you.”

– Paul Stevens


What made you want to return to Wyoming?

I am a Wyoming boy at heart. I love fishing, hunting and the beautiful desert we live in. I love four wheeling and all the other outdoor activities. Those things brought me back to Wyoming.

What drove me out of Utah, where I was living, was the congestion, the traffic and the people. There were too many people. And, the commute to work was terrible.

Photo Courtesy of Paul Stevens.

What do you appreciate most about our community?

I really love the people here. They are not presumptuous. They are not calculating. They tend to be down to earth, hardworking, good people. I can relate to that.


If you could give one brief piece of advice, what would it be?

Something I have always lived by is live hard and live adventurously. And, keep your family really close to you. Make the most out of life. Live for the adventure and love those things that are most important to you, like your family.


Where is your favorite place to hang out in Sweetwater County?

I love to go down south of Green River and Rock Springs to explore the country down around Little Mountain and the east side of Flaming Gorge. There is nobody down there. It’s very secluded, remote and beautiful. There’s also elk, deer and Indian petroglyphs. I really enjoy the variety of wildlife I see there.


Would you rather walk, ride a bike, take a horse or drive a car?

I’d ride one of two things, a horse or a four wheeler.


Paul, his wife Nancy and two of their grandsons. Photo courtesy of Paul Stevens.

What would you sing at karaoke night?

“Can’t Stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake. And I might even do a little dance (chuckling).


How would your friends describe you?

Someone with a great sense of humor and a huge sense of loyalty to causes I believe in. Honest, principled and adventurous.


What is your proudest accomplishment?

Aside from my family, I am really proud I was able to build a business that people trusted to come to for advice. People came to me for financial advice and other financial help. That trust meant a lot to me. I did that for 20 years. I am also proud of the time and adventures I have had in the outdoors throughout my life.


 Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?

I know what the name of the movie would be. I have actually thought about this quite a bit (chuckling).

I have wanted to write a book about my life called “CPA of the Wild Frontier.” I would relate all the stories that this CPA has encountered in Wyoming on a horse and with my clients throughout my life. I think it would be a best seller (chuckling). I would be the perfect person to play the lead role in the movie (laughing).


Paul with a black bear he shot hunting. Photo courtesy of Paul Stevens.

Why do you continue to live in Wyoming?

My grandfather moved to Wyoming and started a Ranch in McKinnon. My dad was born and raised here in Wyoming. I’ve spent most of my life here. I feel like there is a multigenerational legacy that draws me to Wyoming and keeps me here. I love the weather even. The cold weather and warm summers. And, there are not a lot of people here.


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