Win Amazing Prizes! Taco Time Introduces Their New Mascot Paco! Prizes Include 50 Yard Line Wyoming Cowboy Tickets, Refillable Mugs And The Coveted Key Fob Loaded With One Year Of Amazing Specials






August 14

On August, 14 Staley’s Taco Time will begin their ‘WHERE’S PACO’ promotion. 

PACO will be appearing at local SWEETWATER COUNTY events within the next week. He will make 4 stops from the 14th thru the 20th. They will give clues as to his stops every morning by 10 a.m. as well as on the morning radio shows and on

Get involved and WIN great prizes! The first TEN people that stop to see PACO will receive a REFILLABLE MUG and everyone will receive the coveted KEY FOB with AMAZING savings ALL YEAR LONG! Best of ALL we will have 4 WINNERS for WYOMING COWBOY FOOTBALL TICKETS ON THE 50 YARD LINE!

WINNERS will be announced on the 15th, 17th, 19th and 21st.

LIKE OUR PAGE, SHARE THE CLUES, AND WIN! You must stop to see PACO to register for the football tickets.

We will be giving away refillable mugs to the 1st 10 persons to stop by and visit PACO and then we will give out our KEY FOB coupons for 1 year of amazing specials such as Buy One Get 1 Small Breakfast Burrito, 2 Soft Tacos for $3.99 and 2 Small Smoothies for $5.00, plus at each location everyone that visits PACO will have the opportunity to register for Wyoming Cowboy Football Tickets Section 25 Row 4 — 50 yd line GREAT seats!