Working Group Formed to Develop Solutions for High Fuel Prices in Wyoming

Working Group Formed to Develop Solutions for High Fuel Prices in Wyoming

CHEYENNE — Responding to surging gas and diesel prices, Governor Mark Gordon has announced the formation of a Gas and Diesel Price Working Group that will focus on ways to find relief for consumers feeling the pinch of rising fuel costs.

The working group includes members of the Governor’s cabinet, representatives of the transportation and agricultural sectors, citizens and legislators.

“Fuel prices have hit yet another high this past week, driving inflation affecting our seniors, veterans and all Wyoming citizens,” Governor Gordon said. “Yet, all we hear out of Washington, DC is that it’s someone else’s fault, and there’s no end in sight. Here in Wyoming we need to look for any possible way we can provide some relief for our citizens.”

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Governor Gordon continued, “I’m committed to considering any and all possible ways, including tax reductions, to provide some quick relief for consumers.”

The working group is tasked to examine a wide range of options and seek out any relief that will reduce the price at the pump of gasoline, diesel and other related products impacted by higher fuel prices in the state.  

“It is no secret that the Biden Administration’s failed economic policies have directly contributed to inflation,” Governor Gordon added. “Americans are experiencing the direct consequences of President Biden’s bungled energy policy – from the President’s 2020 Executive Order banning oil and gas leasing on federal lands, to its dogmatic insistence on regulation over innovation to address the issues we face today. Americans are hurting and need some relief.”