WWCC Hiring Health Care Programs Office Assistant


Western Wyoming Community College is hiring a Health Care Programs Office Assistant.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direction of the Director of Nursing, assists in day-to-day operations of the Health Care programs (Nursing, Nursing Assistant, Emergency Medical Services, Phlebotomy certificate, and Paramedic Programs), manages specific program activities, and coordinates services provided to students, clinical agencies, and outreach sites. Also, manages office duties to meet diverse needs of the Health Care programs and act as a resource to the Nursing Director and Health Care faculty on issues related to the operation of the Health Care programs. Acts as a resource for the Division Chair for Health Sciences and Public Service, Director of Nursing and faculty on issues related to the operation of the Health Care Programs.

It is expected that this individual will accomplish assigned duties in an efficient, effective, competent manner and strive for improvement and excellence in all work performed. Additionally, this individual must understand the comprehensive role of the community college and cooperate and work harmoniously with college personnel and the public. This individual will follow all college policies, rules, regulations and guidelines as they relate to this position

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

This listing of essential duties and responsibilities is meant to be representative, not exhaustive. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

• Performs office assistant duties for the Health Sciences and Public Services Division Chair, Director of Nursing and Health Care faculty members in meeting the needs of the Health Sciences programs by providing and/or coordinating office activities.

• Promotes good public relations for the Health Care programs by receiving visitors, students, prospective students, faculty and staff; handles telephone inquiries.

• Fields requests and concerns efficiently and in a positive manner; independently resolves as many as possible and transfers others to the director/faculty.

• Assumes responsibility for the compilation, typing, formatting, copying and/or processing of correspondence, course materials, exams, and program forms.

• Maintains proficiency in and provides faculty support for Canvas including management of extensive test bank, posting department documents, and independently problem solving or collaborating with faculty and/or Online & Innovative Education Staff.

• Manages the testing process and coordinates multiple computer testing sites.

• Provides information to prospective students.

• Creates and maintains a database for prospective nursing students while working closely with Admissions Office and outreach sites to assure prospective students are in database and notified of online application availability.

• Coordinates and compiles student data for Health Care program requirements.

• Coordinates with appropriate departments for organization of pre-entrance testing on campus and in outreach sites.

• Tracks all aspects of Nursing Program application process.
-Maintains the database to initiate the admission process for first year and advanced placement nursing students.
-Verifies applicant acceptance.
-Contacts all students who do not have a complete file for verification. Verifies requirements have been met including pre-entrance test scores, confirmation and computation of GPA based on pre-requisite courses, and confirmation of completed required courses.
-Coordinates the notification process to program applicants regarding their status of acceptance or non-acceptance, including conditional requirements. Individualizes letters of acceptance, letters of acceptance with conditions, alternate candidate letters, and non- acceptance letters.
-Maintains database of acceptance and declination. Notifies alternate candidates as spaces become available.

• Assists with CNAEMS, Phlebotomy, and Paramedic entrance requirements.

• Maintains and manages confidential student records to meet program and clinical agency requirements.

• Assists in the training of outreach support staff in program procedures including application and testing processes.

• Assists Director of Nursing and Health Care programs in gathering data for the Accreditation Processes. In the Nursing program, this includes the Systematic Plan of Evaluation, including preparation and emailing of follow up survey for graduates and employers. Compiles results. Creates and updates graphs for the Systematic Plan of Evaluation to meet accreditation requirements.

• Coordinates the Nursing programs, EMS, Phlebotomy, and Paramedic internal student evaluation process each semester.

• Assists in assuring all publications for the Health Care programs are current, accurate, and consistent to meet accreditation requirements. Distributes publications to appropriate parties including web page.

• Manages Web pages for the Health Care programs, including admission requirements, curriculum, course descriptions, individual faculty pages, and on-line application process.

• Coordinates preparation for accreditation reports and site visits.

• Assists the Director of Nursing with compiling annual reports to the Wyoming State Board of Nursing and the national nursing accreditation agencies.

• Assists the CNAEMS and Paramedic faculty with compiling reports to the accrediting and licensing bodies.

• Assists with publicity of Health Care program offerings and admission process locally and in outreach sites.

• Maintains database of all clinical agencies, updates clinical agency contracts, submits contract to Vice President for signature.

• Maintains approved clinical preceptor lists.

• Assists with the organization of Advisory Board meetings, records minutes.

• Records and maintains minutes from Health Sciences & Public Services Division meetings.

• Supervises Nursing student worker.

• Assists Nursing department in preparation of the pinning ceremony.

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To Apply

Visit full list of job duties at the WWCC job posting and Click “Apply Now.”.

Western Wyoming Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, marital status, sexual preference, sex, religion, political belief, veteran status, age, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment, or participation in or employment in its educational programs or activities. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and Institution (EOE/EOI).

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