WWCC is Hiring a Testing Specialist


Western Wyoming Community College is hiring a Testing Specialist

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of this position is to proctor and administer placement and vocational tests at both the Rock Spring campus and the Green River Center and to ensure a professional and secure testing environment for students. The testing specialist will obtain all required certifications to become a proctor and maintain all testing certifications for PAN, Pearson Vue, ASE, Castle Worldwide, TEAS, and AMP along with others. The specialist will also work with WWCC IT department to update equipment and software and work with test providers to trouble-shoot problems.

For a full list of job duties, see the full job description here.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

1. Administer and proctor placement, career, professional, and industry tests throughout the calendar year according to schedule set by the Director with input from the testing specialist.

2. Adhere strictly to FERPA and WWCC confidentiality policies.

3. Obtain and maintain certifications in PAN, Pearson VUE, Castle Worldwide, ASEAMP, and others as required.

4. Upload scheduled testing dates to PAN, Pearson VUEASE, Castle Worldwide, and other websites as required by test owners.

5. Ensure processing equipment (printers, privacy screens, etc.) and computers are operational.

6. Maintain updates for each testing site and make sure technical requirements are met.

7. Troubleshoot software applications with sponsor’s technical support.

8. Research sites and requirements for new testing requests and make initial contact with new testing entities.

9. Implement requirements and procedures for various exam sponsors.

10. Proctor group placement testing sessions on the Rock Springs campus as well as at the Green River Center. Assist the Director in scheduling special group testing sessions.

11. Enter all placement testing scores into WWCC student information system.

12. With support from the academic Division Chairs, maintain and update placement charts and the alternative credit booklet.

Other Related Duties
1. Assists the Director in all activities related to testing.

2. Works with the Director regarding the budgeting process of the college; assists with preparing annual and biennial budgets; and limits departmental expenditures to budgeted levels.

3. Maintains an inventory of all assigned equipment and supplies in the testing lab, and other assigned areas; takes prudent efforts to safeguard WWCC physical resources from unauthorized use.

4. Commits to ongoing professional development by reading appropriate professional literature and obtaining approved proctor status with all test owners.

5. Assists the Director in developing manuals for each professional/career test provided at the Rock Springs and Green River campuses.

6. Works with the Director to develop goals at the start of each year and writes a summary of the accomplishment of those goals at the end of the year.

7. Communicates clearly and effectively using the college network system, including the e-mail system, calendar, and word processing.

8. Performs other duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Associate’s degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience that has provided comparable knowledge and abilities may be acceptable.

2. Ability to work with diverse testers without regard to age, cultural background, religion, and/or economic status.

3. Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing.

4. Ability to exercise sound judgment in all facets of the testing process and environment.

5. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, testing candidates, staff, and administrators.

6. Must be able to obtain and maintain a valid Wyoming driver’s license and drive their personal vehicle to testing sites in Rock Springs and Green River.



For those candidates who do not exactly meet all minimum qualifications, an equivalent combination of education and experience which has provided comparable knowledge and abilities will be considered.

Preferred Qualifications (Knowledge, Abilities, Education & Experience)

1. Previous experience with managing a test site or proctoring tests.

2. Demonstrated working excellence at a community college or community business as indicated by references.

To Apply

Visit full list of job duties at the WWCC job posting and Click “Apply Now.”.

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