WWCC Plant Operator Students Interview With Genesis Alkali

WWCC Plant Operator Students Interview With Genesis Alkali

Left to Right- Chrissy Serafini WWCC Student, Cody Jackson- Genesis Alkali, Kyla Timm WWCC Student, Jimmy Clark- Genesis Alkali, Jason Kragovich WWCC Student, Crystal Jordan WWCC Student, Edgar Granados WWCC Student, Travis Gilmore WWCC Student, TJ Landreth WWCC Student, Carlton Dewick WWCC Representative, Kendra Meeker WWCC Representative

Representatives from Genesis Alkali met with Plant Operator students and their instructors from Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC) on Friday, April 30th, to conduct interviews for the purpose of making contingent job offers.

While all the students are doing well in the program and interviewed well, there were limited offers available to be made at this time. The newly created program has been a huge success and we look forward to continuing to give students from the program opportunities. It is anticipated that all the students who successfully complete the program, will find employment opportunities in the industry, prior to or upon completion of having received their certificates. 

The Plant Operator program is expected to be a feeder pool for future hires into the Trona and other related industries, and the college already has a waiting list for future enrollment.  WWCC is working closely with industry leaders to identify and custom design training programs that will prepare students for these jobs. 

Congratulations to those selected!

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