WWCC Wrestlers Help Out at the Tomahawk [Photos]


GREEN RIVER– The Western Wyoming Community College wrestling team helped out at the Tomahawk Hotel in Green River on Thursday, April 25, as construction will start soon to put in an elevator.

Dirt was piled into large mounds when the elevator shaft was dug out and constructed. The WWCC wrestlers helped to remove the dirt, which was the third round of removing dirt according to one of the Tomahawk owners Marty Carollo. The Green River High School track and field team has also helped remove dirt.

The Tomahawk was built in 1921 and construction started in 1919.

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“We’re on the hundredth anniversary of when they broke ground, which is kind of cool the those who are helping us out because they are now a part of Wyoming history, and Green River history more importantly,” Carrolo said.

Construction on the elevator is scheduled to begin this May.

In the past, the Tomahawk has served many different purposes, such as a hotel, residential apartments, and a JCPenney.

As for what the building is going to be, Carollo and the other owners aren’t exactly sure yet.

“The building can be a lot of things, we just need to find the right things that meet what our community’s needs are,” Carollo said.

The elevator, in which construction is scheduled to begin this May, opens up opportunities for the building.

The owners are looking to make the second floor a commercial center. There will be offices and shared available board rooms that local business people will be able to rent.

Carollo said there are about 200 small home businesses in Green River, and this space would provide a great place for those business owners to conduct meetings and get some work done.

The third floor will more than likely be residential. The floor was apartments back in the 1930s and 1940s.

“The building is stable, it’s strong. It certainly looks in disrepair, but it’s got good bones,” Carollo said. “I think it has a new life to share in our community and can be a part of the next generation of leaders and business people in our city.”

The Tomahawk recently qualified for an architectural grant through the Wyoming Business Council, so the owners are looking to bring in an architect to help figure out functional designs and aesthetics.

The goal is to make the building appear as a 1930s building, but with all the modern features

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