Wyoming Businesses Across the State Get Reimbursed for Employee Training

Every Wyoming business takes on the task of training their workforce to handle their day-to-day needs, but not all businesses know they can get reimbursed for employee training.

That’s why the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS) is getting the word out about a variety of grants available for businesses here in the Cowboy State. From building new skills to funding internships to off-site training and more, these grants can help alleviate budgets that businesses would normally have to cover themselves.

The Workforce Development Training Fund (WDTF) and Apprenticeship State Expansion (ASE) work together to cover a range of training efforts through a variety of different grants.

The available grants include:

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1. Business Training Grants – Teach new skills or re-train current employees; Upgrade the skills of current employeesThe funding limits for these grants are:

  • $1,000/trainee/state fiscal year,
  • $10K/business/month, and
  • $50K/business/state fiscal year

However, there are a few industries that have been determined as “preferred industries” based on the opportunity for growth in Wyoming that have a slightly higher funding limit of $1,500/trainee/state fiscal year. These industries are construction, financial, healthcare and social assistance/nursing, manufacturing, technology, and hospitality/tourism/food and beverage.

2. Pre-Hire Grants – Train potential employees before job placement

3. Internship Grants – Structured learning experiences to enhance knowledge and skills

4. Apprenticeship Grants – Offset on-the-job training apprenticeship costs

With all of these funding opportunities available, DWS is hopeful that more businesses will use these grants to train the workforces they need while feeling some budget relief.

For more information on funding and information on how to apply, visit TrainWYO.org 
Only applicants that meet grant eligibility requirements will be funded.

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